How is the State of Indian Startup Funding in 5 Key Industries [Infographic]


Yes – at the end of the day, it all boils down to funding. That is the blatant truth about startups in present times, and I couldn’t be more straightforward than this.

Startup ideas and the creation of new businesses are the order of the day in our country. However, only a handful of them survive to tell the tale, for the longer run, and the single most key differentiating factor is – funding.Around a 1000 startups have died in the past 2 years – that amounts to about 40% startups that were set up in the same period of time.

Though, funding has slowly become a comparatively easier job for startups, but that’s the state with the top 5% or lesser, as investors only chose to fund businesses, in which they see massive potential.

We have come across an Infographic from Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), which divulges some pretty insights from the state of funding in the Indian startup landscape – from 5 key industries that are driving rapid economic growth.