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How Technology can counter the rising concern of Customer Privacy

Customer Privacy

Today, technology is so much advanced, that with a click of a button, one can get almost anything delivered to their doorstep. While, technology has made life easier, it is also supplemented with  security issues.

There has been many incidents recently where customer privacy was not complied which led to social uprisings and legal allegations; a Delhi girl was harassed by a delivery boy after she ordered food from a restaurant, a Bangalore woman was forced to leave the city after being harassed by a delivery boy for months ,and a Pizza delivery boy harassed women by sending lewd text messages, calling them and threatening them of morphing their pictures. This has raised concern among the people about the system.

This kind of problem is very acute in the fast growing on-demand industry of hyperlocals, marketplaces, aggregators etc., where drivers/vendors are on-boarded at a very fast pace. These companies have to rethink about the verification and security checks of their staffs to ensure the safety of their customers.

I personally feel, Customer Privacy is one of the customer’s basic requirements. With the ever increasing use of internet, it has provided businesses with more ways than ever to collect data about the customers like Customer mobile number, mail id and address. Customer Privacy has now become the part of business strategy.

Now the question is how important is Customer Privacy and how can we protect it? The incidence of woman harassment is on the rise, and companies have found themselves in ruining their brand image as a result of these unscrupulous incidents. No matter how loyal your customers are, they would likely question the trustworthiness of your business if personal contact information is being misused.

Few Taxi aggregators and on-demand grocery delivery platforms in India have already introduced ‘Number Masking’, a new safety feature which will keep the mobile numbers of customers undisclosed to the drivers and vendors.

Cloud Contact Centers have developed APIs to track the conversations, and help vendors/drivers and customers connect better using “Number masking” feature. When e-commerce apps integrate with cloud contact center solutions, they send an encrypted number to the driver/vendor, once a user books a cab or does an online delivery. All the further communication from drivers/vendors is routed through the cloud number.

With this, calls between vendors/drivers and customers and their behaviour can be closely monitored by companies from archived recordings to provide superior experience to the users. Company’s drivers or vendors will not have to bear the cost of the calls made to the customers, since they would be routed directly through the app.

An added benefit of keeping contact numbers undisclosed is that the aggregators and companies can now retain business by encrypting the customer’s and vendor’s number, disallowing them to directly contact each other in the future.  Customer Privacy is no longer a complementary advantage to businesses but a necessity to ensure business survival and consumer safety.

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