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How to Deliver Differentiated Customer Experience with Video Contact Center?


We live in a world where connecting with friends, family, colleagues, and brands have become more critical than ever. Now that the world has lost the privilege of physical meetings, the communication between brands and consumers is reduced to voice and digital channels. People today are shopping for clothes online, booking a consultation with doctors online, and even requesting for opening an account digitally. The physical interactions removed from the picture have invariably affected consumer behavior, and now consumers seek remote human interactions with the brands.

While existing communication channels like voice calls, chat, email, and bot can’t replace the physical meetings, a Video Customer Service Software is the closest to bridge the face to face meeting void. Video chat has been a part of our interactions then why not implement it for business to consumer communications?

Different business verticals like Edutech, Healthcare, BFSI, and BPOs are transitioning towards and adapting to the digital channels where Video Contact Center will play a leading role in customer engagement. 

Video-powered Contact Center will play an important role in digital sales, relationship management, and customer service. Few verticals that can be early adopters of Video chat are Edutech for discussions with parents about learning programs for their child’s future and BFSI vertical for personal discussions during a loan approval process or relationship management.

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Let’s, without wasting time, discuss how businesses around the globe are benefiting from Video CC.

Video Contact Center Solution for Education Sector

The education sector is going through a paradigm shift post the COVID-19 outbreak. The shelter-in-place teaching has become the new normal as most of the schools and EdTech companies operate digitally.

Tech has begun to virtually bridge the educational gap, providing daily academic experience to the students, and creating a classroom environment. With a Video Contact Center, the schools can onboard students, engage with parents, and replicate the physical classroom environment.

Video Takes Centre Stage in the Banking Sector

For an anxious customer who has lost a debit/credit card, a mere chat or call will not solve the problem; video collaboration will. 

Video supports highly critical or personal cases where the call center agents can build quality relationships with the customer, assuring them that their problem will be solved immediately. The agents can also share their screen or co-browse with the customers to assist with critical issues. Video communication, in itself, is a rewarding experience where customer satisfaction is significantly higher.

Banks enjoy higher FCR and NPS with video banking services.

Live Video Chat Platform for Healthcare

Connecting face to face from afar is the prime concern for most patients. A video call comes closest to the traditional patient-doctor interaction, helping the patients communicate with the doctors virtually from their homes’ comfort.

Now, this has manifold benefits for patients and doctors alike. Patients can seek support from their doctors from far apart, eliminating the need for traveling to meet the doctor physically. The patients can also share their reports using screen sharing; the doctors can closely monitor their health status and provide appropriate consultation.

With a Video Contact Center Software in place, the patients can easily schedule or initiate a video call, even with a low internet bandwidth of 150 kbps.

Video-Enabled Contact Center for BPO

With video chat, BPOs can go a step further by humanizing each customer interaction. Agents can engage with the customers on video chat to provide additional information and reduce the time to address their concerns. For instance, if a customer requests co-browsing with the agent to understand the features of a product, the agent can immediately share the screen and assist them. 

In the Long Run

The value of customer service goes beyond text messages and voice calls. We are headed in an era on omnichannel customer engagement, and giving your customers the option of video chat can resolve their problems faster. Businesses realize that the contact centers can be turned into profit centers by implementing the right technology and video contact center to reduce cost primarily with the manifold benefits of improved FCR & NPS and increased efficiency with voice call analysis.

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