How To Deliver Great Customer Experience With Automatic Call Distributor


Are you struggling to deliver seamless customer experience? Do your customers find it difficult to reach out to your best-skilled agents? How you can make sure that your customers are reaching the right agent every time they place a call? With Automatic Call Distribution mechanism, you can provide ease of use to the customers while routing them to the most equipped agents in the queue.
Are you hustling to modernize your Contact Center Software? Not only the customers, but ACD also helps elevate the satisfaction level of the agents because guess what, they are not burdened with more number of calls. ACD is a tailor-made solution for your call center software to provide best in class support to the customers.
Customers do not want to wait in the queue for hours and repeat themselves multiple times. Streamline communications and let your customers place their faith in your business while you deliver the support that they are seeking.

First thing first, What is ACD?

Struggle no more because ACD works on routing logic  based on the area code, office hours and availability of most equipped agents in the queues. Yes, ACD comes to rescue for the big problems like high call volume, agents being offline and persona-based calling.
Help customers help them with the options of self-service and let them reach the right department directly. Do you often feel that you are repeating the same answer 100 times a day? You can eliminate the repetitive tasks by automated IVR response for FAQs.
Have you explored these features to make your call center a perfect fit for the industry?

Skill-Based Call Routing

Do you often observe that your calls for a lost debit card land into the IT department? Yes, you have a real problem if you are losing customers because calls are directed to random departments.
With Automatic Call Distributor in place, you can define your own rules and ensure that a call landing in your system from Japan meets the top skilled agent who is fluent in the Japanese language. Decide how and to whom you want to route the incoming calls and create your own routing logic with CRM data, IVR selection, business hours and agent’s skills to optimize each caller’s experience.

Reduced Wait Time

Customers do not wish to wait when they are placing an order for food delivery. You know hunger waits for no one. Increase call response with ACD and do not keep your VIP customers waiting for long in the queue.
Increase customer satisfaction with ACD and prioritize your customers on the basis of High-Value callers. Provide faster response by assigning such customers to contact center agents without any delay.

Cost Reduction

Are you investing a big number for calling operations? With a faster response rate and first call resolution, the time taken in handling a call reduces by a large number.
Solve customer’s query without transferring the call to other departments and hence reduce cost-per-call. Design your routing rules with IVR in place and experience for yourself the difference in cost investment.

Call Back Algorithm

How good would it be if your customers were given the option of talking to the same agent they spoke to earlier?
If Simon requested a refund on the canceled order, he wishes to take a follow up with the same agent to avoid any miscommunication. That’s where ACD comes in the picture, it notifies the agents for the call back requests immediately and agents could easily reach customers in the given time frame.

Track Missed Calls

You have confined business hours but your customers want a constant support 24*7. Would you have your customers lose faith in you or provide them with an option of voicemail?
Do you have a client base across geographies? Yes, you need to be present all the time and you can forward your customers to voicemail. Your agents will get a recorded message as soon as they log in their systems and you will not miss out on your customers. Customers really like to be valued and there’s your key to ensure that.
Deliver the experience that your customers want and maximize the customer satisfaction score with smart routing algorithm. Channelize your sources and integrate ACD with IVR that delivers highly responsive customer service.