How to Nudge the Entrepreneur in You?



Another eventful week has passed, like the so many previous ones. If I am to begin this blog post with a question, I would really want to probe you and ask about your returning thoughts. Can you suggest or think of that one thing you did the previous week that makes you feel productive and satisfied?

Hey, I am not judging. But, maybe it is time that you start judging yourself. It is time that you quit daydreaming and start doing something about your long held plans, which have been in pipeline for ‘only-god-knows-how-long’. It is now time to nudge the entrepreneur in you and be a kickass version of the lousy self you are being now.

Who is your inspiration?

The most common problem I think most of the budding entrepreneurs face is the lack of inspiration. But, we already live in a world filled with innovation, inspiration, knowledge, technology and what not. It is only you who can spot your inspiration and get going. And, if by any chance you feel ‘that force’ or ‘that charm’ just isn’t there to inspire you and bring out the best in you, it is time my friend that you create it. Cribbing won’t help. Rejecting won’t do well either. For every opportunity you miss, there’s someone else who makes it on the cover of the Forbes magazine and Entrepreneur community. Now, don’t you really want that? Acknowledgement and appreciation? To leave behind a legacy when you are gone? We all do. Then, it is time to nudge the superstar in you and hit the iris of the bull’s-eye.

How a usual day does begin and end?

You wake up. Get coffee/tea. Check mails. Read or scroll through e-news. Check mails. Some replies here and there. Get zoned out. I get the rut. This is what it is usually like for a newbie entrepreneur or someone who has been trying to get lucky but lacks resources or inspiration.

What you really need to do here is, instead of pitying yourself for not making to the final round of that huge investment summit or not being able to get an investor on-board, make a plan A, plan B, plan C and keep making plans and IMPLEMENT them till you nail it.

If you let lose, you will lose. If you stay put, you have a chance to nudge and bring out the superstar in you.

One day at a time. Baby steps.

If you think you are the only one who faces too many problems simultaneously, you are highly mistaken. This is the universal law of problems. The next big blow will hit you exactly when you are already down. To handle crisis, there is no best approach. No amount of reading self-help guides can motivate you enough to face them head-on. Everyone has a different way of dealing with what troubles them. For some people long walks is the answer, others head to mountains, some sleep it off.

You need to find your stress-buster. And be with it.

But the most assured way of getting that streak back is to take charge and be accountable for it. Your startup is your baby. It needs grooming, attention, love and care. To tackle your issues and get the best out of yourself and your support staff, you need to deal with them and not hide your face under your pillow and weep. Take one thing and get it sorted.

One thing/problem/challenge at a time. Like baby steps.

Entrepreneurship is tough. It is not a desk job which demands 9 – 5 working hours. It is a full time commitment. It is your passion. It is about making your business, your dream places and building a legacy.

Entrepreneurs are like artists, they have a vision and they work really hard to paint to beautiful picture on the canvas to bring them to life.

I hope with this blog post you can nudge the entrepreneur in you and wake that beast up. Because first, you just cannot underestimate the power of inertia and second, that power can be harnessed.

Happy innovating folks!