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How to Prepare for the Holiday Travel Bug

Enterprises have to deliver excellent customer service during the holiday travel season so that customers do exactly what they want to do during a vacation: Relax.
It is the season to be jolly and as gifting and shopping go on side-by-side; people all over the world are travelling and enjoying their winter break (or summer break south of the equator). They will be visiting families or vacation spots to relax before the new year. The surge in holiday travel will bring in greater revenue for the travel and hospitality industries. Are you prepared to handle this increase in bookings, inquiries, cancellations, and last-minute rush?

Though customers are looking forward to have a great time, they also want the best deals and offers. Not to forget, service has to be impeccable. Since tensions rise during the holiday season, businesses have to take care to satisfy customers as much as they can. Happy customers, after all, pay more. Here are some tips on how you can prepare your business to service customers satisfactorily:

  • Prepare your website and phone agents: The start of a vacation begins with the search of information. All travel providers should ensure that their websites are interactive, always updated, and robust enough to handle increased traffic. Similarly, the customer care number should be able to handle hundreds of calls so that customers can talk to agents about various destinations, offers, and packages. A good percentage of leads come through this channel which is why it is necessary to always be up and running.

  • Grab the best opportunities: It is good to be aware of opportunities which will get maximum results. If advertising has helped improve sales in the past, identify what worked then, and try and achieve the same effect now. However, if mainstream advertising is out of the budget, online marketing, telemarketing calls, messages, and e-mails will serve the purpose.

  • Social media to the rescue: This is advertising in the new age. Likes, shares, mentions, hashtags, and links on various social media help promote a business. Social media helps you target the right leads and with targeted marketing and networking, you can convert leads into revenue. Marketing should therefore, focus intensely on social media awareness and coverage.

  • Provide great service all the way: Good service always pays because customers who are satisfied and happy with the service will recommend it to their friends and family. Giving customers tips on do’s and don’ts, tourist spots in an area, great budget hotels, car rentals, and other such information when they buy a service from you will show that you care about them and their holiday. Serve them like royalty before they buy, when they buy, and long after they have completed the purchase. Dedicated service leads to dedicated customers.

  • Partner with businesses that focus on great service as well: As a business, your partners should also share your company values. Customers will be happy when they receive great service throughout their holiday, with your travel-business partners. Consistently providing great service will make the customer feel special and will heighten the satisfaction ratings.

In contact centers, ensure that your agents have the best technology and tools to provide heightened multichannel service. Enterprises should use a robust contact center solution to ensure smooth functioning of back-end processes and front-end customer service operations. The greatest revenue can be earned only by providing invaluable service to all customers. So be your hospitable best!



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