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How to Set Up an Automated Customer Feedback System


In order to establish an innovative product or service and make it successful, it’s critical for companies to listen to customer feedback. By collecting continuous feedback from customer interactions, businesses can develop a better product and deliver a better service. Feedback helps in identifying how the customers really feel about a product or service. Also, listening to customers and making them happy aid companies in creating long-term customer relationships, thereby generating lifetime revenues.

Lack of resources and other constraints make it difficult for small businesses to collect feedback manually by calling up the customers or through face-to-face meetings. However, with advancement in technology, companies can set up automated feedback system which is cost-effective as well as time-saving. An automated system doesn’t require manual intervention, thus leading to lesser utilization of resources.

Use IVR System to automate the customer feedback system process. 
Below are three ways to set up an automated feedback system for your business:

Automated IVR
One of the most popular ways for collecting feedback is the IVR survey.  An IVR survey is a pre-recorded automated survey in which the customer responds to questions either by voice or by typing numerical responses using the telephone keypad. With the availability of multi-lingual IVR systems, the feedback questionnaire can be integrated into the IVR in different languages, thus overcoming the language barrier.

Benefits of using IVR for gathering customer feedback are:

  • No Requirement of Internet Connectivity – It is an effective alternative as the only basic requirement is of a telephone connection. It enables the businesses to collect feedback of customers who are not connected to the digital world.
  • Reach a Larger Audience – IVR enables companies to reach out to customers in inaccessible geographical regions. This ensures that none of the customer is left out when trying to gauge customer behaviour.
  • Survey Non-Tech-Savvy Customers – An IVR system simplifies the whole exercise of fetching feedback as it guides respondents well through the process and provides them with clear, concise and comprehensible answer options. It helps in gathering feedback from customers who are not tech-savvy and not comfortable in operating tablets or smartphones.

Missed Calls

It is an ideal method to collect feedback by reaching out customers without incurring any expense on them. With miss call number, your customers can sign-up with you by just giving a missed call on your number. After the purchase of a product or service, companies often ask customers to send a missed call to a number if they are satisfied, or give a missed call to a different number if they are not satisfied with their services.
Due to time constraints and the fact that customers maintain a hectic schedule, indulging in long conversations with brands to give feedback is not a feasible option for them. Missed call is the shortest, easiest and the most convenient path for companies to reach their customers.
Businesses can also set auto thank you SMS or pre-recorded thank you voice calls to show gratitude to customers after they provide their feedbacks.

As we all have a tendency to open almost all text messages we receive, it is one of the best ways for businesses to accumulate feedbacks. It is better as compared to emails due to its high open rate. Though, getting the phone number of every customer is still a challenge for many companies and also it is slightly more expensive than other options. But, if you have access to the contact details of a good number of your customers, SMS is a great option to collect feedback.
After a call with a customer, you can send automated SMS saying “You just had a conversation with our agent. Kindly rate your experience on a scale of 1-5, where 1 being awesome and 5 being not satisfied, by sending an SMS.



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