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How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage in Contact Centers


Every so often there is a technological innovation which changes the way the world thinks and behaves. When social media emerged, everyone was amazed at its potential to not only unite people but open up a world of possibilities in terms of advertising, branding, marketing, word-of-mouth promotion, news sharing and gathering, and reaching out directly to the masses. Every individual could brand and market themselves as well as any organization. We had arrived at the latest channel of communication.

Groups, lists, and pages are cheaper than taking out advertisements in the newspapers, magazines, or printing brochures and flyers. Social media has more avenues to exploit and every organization focusing on customer service should realize that social media is the place to be. Actors, governments and politicians, corporates, ad agencies, NGOs, and small companies have to make their presence felt on social media so that their followers, or customers, know them more intimately.
As a business that depends on people to thrive, your aim should also be to tell your story to the customer to bring them closer to sustain a long relationship. The best way to show this is through social media. If your clientele is not on social media yet, your future users at least will be the experts and you will benefit by being an established player by then.
The Power of Social Media
Social media serves for gathering data as well. The availability of customer information (with their consent, of course) like their responses, likes, dislikes, wishlists, etc., help businesses gauge how best to customize services and products for customers of similar age groups, gender, region, and other parameters. Online surveys on the company page, or in apps, are easy and can be automatically analyzed using a robust software solution with SIM (social interaction management) feature.
Get on the Wagon Now!
If you are not on social media yet, you will lose the race and your customers. All big, small, and new enterprises are promoting themselves online to garner more attention. One of the ways this has worked to their advantage is when companies respond to customers complaints with an apology, to praises with thanks, and to questions with satisfactory answers. Make sure your marketing team uses social media to its maximum advantage while promoting the brand. Being quick to respond on social media will be an added advantage.
Additionally, if your customer service agents are also on social media, it makes it easy for the customer to be serviced for technical requests or issue resolutions. For example, if a customer posts a query on Twitter that their smartphone is facing an issue, the smartphone manufacturer can lead the customer into a conversation on the details of the problem they are facing. This way, the customers tweet which could be seen as a complaint on social media can be resolved to a suitable conclusion soon. The friends and family following your customer will be able to see the care and attention you give to your customers and this will lead to goodwill for your company.
A robust CIM solution has social interaction manager (SIM) feature which helps agents and customers have easy interactions. Customers get to choose their preferred channel of communication and agents can deliver greater satisfaction thus. Quick and easy issue resolution leads to instant gratification online. This is what organizations should be aiming for. Use social media widely and wisely, and you shall reap huge benefits.


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