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How Video Can Be a Breakthrough in Interactive Customer Service


This is the era of technology. From ordering food to booking flight tickets, everything one does lie with technology, that we use and reuse every day. And in this tech-savvy world, it is foolish to undermine or neglect any growing digital trend, to capture and tap on the full potential of your customer service team. One such trend is ‘video technology’.
The ease of survival of small businesses
For any business which depends on backend support or call centers to provide customer service support, which can be offshore contact centers or otherwise, understand how critical it is for a business to run smoothly with excellent customer service and support. Especially true for small scale businesses, improvements in the customer service department can mean absolute survival or a total demise. As a company grows and spreads its wings, one can also expect it to widen the scope for technology and embrace new trends, like video calling, live calls with an agent, real-time assistance on troubleshooting queries and much more. It is like an open source platform, you can add as many feathers as you want in your customer service and experience hat.
Enhancing customer retention, customer satisfaction and great customer support
More recently, with growing advances in technology and integrations taking place, many companies are starting to explore ways of customer retention and enhancing customer interactions. This eventually leads to more customer engagements and hence booms the business. Now consider a scenario, where if you are facing any difficulty while operating a gizmo or a gadget you bought recently online and traditional methods of contact fail to provide you satisfactory service or support. Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody give you a live demo how to use it? Tell you about the features and what all potential you can unravel with it? And it gets better, all this while sitting on your couch and being really comfortable. At your disposal, the advantage of video calling or live video call support. The next level of personalized and awesome customer service.
The millennials generation and technology
This present generation of customers and 90% users, if one thing I can say with utmost certainty about them is, we all crave attention, comfort and we don’t have time.
Video calling, video conferencing, live video support, webRTC (real time calling), live demo, remote access or often referred to as screen barging/sharing, etc., all these technologies and their seamless integration in this existing customer service landscape have added many advantages to uplift customer satisfaction and support services.
If you let the statistics speak, in a recent report by Gartner 20% of the 500 largest global businesses will introduce video – based chat by 2018 for customer facing interactions.
The ‘Why’ of integrating ‘Video Services’
If you ponder upon ‘the why’, the answer is pretty simple and clear, interacting with a customer over a visual medium makes the interaction more personal and eliminates any chances of him/her not being able to follow the pattern or to be left with little know how of things. It is an absolute remedy to provide first call resolution, leading to more happy customers, enhanced word of mouth publicity and guaranteed customer retention. It is like building a fanbase on top of your existing model of fabulous customer services and experience.
Trends from the last decade to now
If you extrapolate the dots from the last decade to now, you will see that the customer journey has changed very swiftly from traditional means to newer technological aids. With video support, the next level of customer interaction has been unlocked and now only needs to be implemented throughout.

What else does it offer?

Video telephony, conferencing, video support can allow your customers to have actual real-time support access and can be easily walked through a product demo, which is another great advantage it offers to your sales team too. So, not only confined to contact centers, video integration has many unsaid and open-for-all advantages which can be used to boost sales, up-selling practices and gives your reps a fair chance to practice cross-selling, without invading your users’ privacy and at the same time, imparting great customer support and customer service.
I hope this blog has been useful for you to take a leap of faith and implement ‘video’ in its many forms as an integral part of your customer service strategy. If you have more points to add or feedback to share, do let me know in the comments section.  



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