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Industries that receive maximum Customer Service Complaints [Infographic]


Social media is at a peak and will only continue to rise. Integrating social media with any business is highly important for its success and growth.

The power of social media is groundbreaking. Social media posts travel as fast as light and sound. It goes viral in the fraction of seconds and it can surely give the boost to your business that you want. While at the same time there is a catch, if you aren’t carefully monitoring what people are saying about your brand, you can be at a mess. Companies that fail to recognize the risk it can cause are missing out. The statistic from different industry shows how important it is for any business to understand the positive and negative consequences of social media.

  • Technology: It ranked 6th in positive customer service reaction, with 66% relaying negative responses.

  • Financial Services: Financial institutions consistently ranks low in social media customer service.

  • Retail: This industry receives 34% positive reactions from social media users and 39% negative.

The infographic by Salesforce below would give you a better understanding of  how social media can make or break your business.




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