Life @Drishti

Someone told me that over-thinking and over-analyzing never work.

When I had an offer from Drishti, I wasn’t hundred per cent sure about it, but I decided to go for it. Eight months on I can say it was the right decision. Of course it hasn’t be

en perfect plainly because of lots of contradictions from the industry perception of a product development environment but yes it has been one helluva experience!!

One of the things that tempted me was the opportunity to work with an Indian product based company, so I could be at the epicenter of all the action – working at the HQ. Also, the fact that there was a lot of emphasis on ownership of your work went with a lot of what I believed in as a professional. The funda is simple – you give the best when you work for yourself. Some might accuse us of being selfish, but that’s a simple fact!!

Getting in here was admittedly a very lengthy process and I honestly never thought that I could make it. Got lucky, I suppose.The selection process ensures you get to work with like minded people. And as they say, it’s the people who you work with that really matters.

Once I joined Drishti, everything seemed different here and by everything I mean everything. Coming from a large organization that was process heavy, Drishti was a welcome change. I’m not saying there’s no fixed process flow here, but only so much to keep things stable and running without overriding onto your professional space. The result is that you spend more time doing the real stuff – the stuff you like. And you don’t have to “market” your work to your boss or anyone else for that matter. There’s enough transparency to ensure your work gets recognized.

I am part of the RnD team, contributing to the development of Ameyo – Drishti’s contact center solution. Being a product company, there’s little scope of slipping into the comfort zone. Constant feature additions and innovation have to be done for making better product and being competitive in the market. What amazed me was how easily Ameyo can be customized to cater to the wide variety of requirements.

Coming back to work culture – One of the interesting practices in our RnD team is “Chaupal”. The aim is to look beyond the technical aspect of our work; to get to know the bigger picture. Its been just two editions for me till now but it has given us a chance to interact with the other departments and get to understand the business point of view for product development. The base idea is to get us to think beyond the code. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come up with new product ideas. Its refreshing, its fun and it gives a feeling what a great team we have got here.

As Kurt Cobain would have put it, “Smells like team spirit”.