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Managing the chaos while handling multiple parties in New Age business


If you trace back the numerous conversations you have had with your customers, you would remember that those conversations can be classified into two categories. The first kind is the satisfied customer who is happy with your products/services, and the second kind is the rather irate customer who can drop the call at any point. However, there is a third kind that you might have paid less heed to.

This particular type of customer wants you to resolve their issues by getting in touch with multiple parties, while placing them on hold.

Whether you acknowledge or not, the number of customers who want their concerns to be resolved by placing them on hold is on the rise. These customers don’t want to call back regarding the same issue, as they want your reps to attend their concerns in a single call.

So, what do you do now?

Don’t fret; there is a certain feature which lets you do the aforementioned task. This feature is known as – Multi-Party on Hold, and it is capable of conducting a host of activities. With Multi-Party on Hold, you can put your customer on hold and dial a number of other parties involved in the transaction. This way, your reps can identify the epicentre of the issue and thereafter take necessary steps to straighten out customer concerns.

Your rep can also choose to connect other parties with your customer, if either of them wants to talk to each other, while the rep is present on the call. A direct interaction of this manner will provide more assurance to your customer about the entire transaction. Your customer will also feel more engaged in the entire transaction process and we all know that better customer experience fosters greater customer satisfaction.

In present times, businesses often need to talk to multiple parties to get the specific tasks done. The best example that can be cited here is service aggregators that need to talk to service providers while handling a customer complaint. Service aggregators may not want to disclose information to the customer in the same manner that is being conveyed by the service provider. For this purpose, service aggregators would want to use the Multi-Party on Hold feature.

Ameyo Emerge is one such cloud-based contact center software that has the ability to integrate Multi-Party on Hold feature to your business.


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