Need for Contact Center Analytics


Analytics keep track of performance and other key business metrics and Contact centers are a provider of valuable knowledge and information to customers. It makes sense therefore, that they use analytics tool to measure agent performance and other key metrics. Analytics tools keep a track of how well the business is performing and informs managers/supervisors of when, and how, to tune up performance.

Robust contact center analytics ensure smooth functioning of the business. Mentioned here are a few important ones:

  1. Fetch historical data: To measure performance and identify the development areas, contact centers should be able to fetch and garner historical data. It becomes an important tool for supervisors and managers as the data tracks the average call time, agents performance, overall productivity, and also maps customer satisfaction.
  2. Text analytics: The economy and marketplace are highly challenging and dynamic. Therefore, contact centers should ensure they are able to analyze customer interactions and feedback from every possible communication channel as it will enable them to provide a clear view of customer engagements.
  3. Speech analytics: The deployment of speech analytics will improve customer experience and has become an important objective for all businesses. The tool has the capability to recognize and analyze audio data and also detect a customers requirements. It determines the speech of the customers and agents can then provide adequate services as well as resolve queries.
  4. First call resolution: Customer satisfaction ratings tend to shoot upwards when issues are resolved in the first call itself. Therefore, contact centers must focus on improving their resolution ratings. It is crucial as it also helps them in reducing operational cost and increases customer satisfaction.
  5. Recording: It is another effective contact center analytics tool. It is used for multiple reasons right from the conversation between an agent and customer to dispute resolution. With recordings, interactions can be retrieved for future evaluation and for agent training.

So, what is your take on contact center analytics? Call Center Software Solution has all the feature to track the performances of call centers.