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Omnichannel Commerce: Making Customer Experience the New Competitive Advantage [Free Whitepaper]


 Omnichannel commerce seems to be picking up steam across industries and has radically transformed the way companies do business. Coupled with transformative technology and changing customer demands, companies are demanded to meet up to the growing expectations of customers, and a minor slip-up could be disastrous for a company’s reputation.

“In an increasingly complex marketplace, where the buying process is undergoing a radical transformation and switching costs are becoming virtually non-existent, companies that do not offer a superlative omnichannel experience will simply not survive.”

In an effort to uncover the radical changes in buying experience, customer expectations, customer service, Frost and Sullivan and Ameyo team released a whitepaper on “Omnichannel Commerce: Making Customer Experience the New Competitive Advantage” that deeply discusses the advancements in customer journey, the facets involved in implementing an omnichannel strategy and much more. The whitepaper also talks about a recently launched concept called “Universal Queue”, and its significance in omnichannel customer experience.

Download the whitepaper here to jump onto the omnichannel bandwagon.



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