Everything You Need To Know About An Outbound Call Center


Outbound calls effort may take longer to reflect in your business if you are not well equipped with the right tools to leverage your outbound calling strategy. Solve your customer’s problems and convert your prospects into leads with a powerful Outbound Call Center Solution. Make each call count with the following technologies and embed them today in your Outbound Call Center.

What is Outbound Call Center?

An outbound call center is setup to reach out to customers and prospects for proactive support, telesales, or collections. The premise of an outbound call center is to dial out rather than receiving inbound customer queries. An outbound call center helps you manage high outbound call volumes and ensure high customer outreach.

For smooth Outbound operations, a business needs an Outbound Call Center Software that will help achieve a high call connect rate and increase outbound call coverage. Managing Agent productivity, compliance, and reporting are other challenges for outbound call centers.

How to Connect More and Devise an effective Outbound Calling Strategy

Process-Based Dialing Strategies

The dialing algorithm depends on your business-specific requirements like reminding customers of installment payments. Based on the preset parameters, predictive dialer smartly predicts the agent availability using the historical data such as average call handling time and connects the call to the agents when they are available in the queue. The answering machine will detect the human voice, a busy tone, etc. and the call is transferred to agents only when the call is answered by a human being.

Scheduling Call Back

For insurance premium reminders or credit card bills customers would want to be notified in prior time. Customers feel more valued when they are listened to and you can ensure that by scheduling a call back for them and notify them for the bill payment.

Agents cannot keep track of 100 calls at one given time, with the callback feature, the dialer will automatically place a call to the customers at a scheduled time thus improving call productivity.

DNC Compliance:

Exclusion Management should be followed to avoid legal trouble. The do-not-call feature removes all DNC numbers from the campaign to ensure that the DNC list is filtered out from the lead list. Agents do not have to spend time qualifying unproductive leads.

Framing Reports & Analytics

Supporting your business strategy with data-driven reports will prepare you to make well-informed decisions. With an outbound calling software, you get the flexibility to derive different reports like Agent Productivity Report, Call Details Report, Call Abandoned Report, etc. to analyze the performance of agents and call quality assurance.

With these reports, supervisors can also identify the call pattern, customer behavior, customer satisfaction rate, etc. and modify their outbound calling strategy.

Best Practices for an Outbound Call Center

Integrate to Yield Results

Place value in your customer’s journey to increase the efficiency of your outbound call center. Integrate your outbound contact center software with in-house or third-party CRM to produce the best results. Allow your agents to access customer’s data on a single screen while making calls. Agents can have more personalized interaction when given prior information about the customer’s behavioral journey.

Assure Quality with Call Recording

How do your agents qualify a lead and where they are lacking? Measure call quality with real-time call monitoring tools and help your agents to resolve better. Managers and Supervisors can listen to live calls and recorded calls to monitor and improvise the lead qualifying algorithm.

These calls can also be used to define the call quality metrics and for training a fresh batch of agents.

Collect Feedback

Driving customer loyalty is an often missed but important aspect of outbound call center services. Do not assume, ask. Let your customers speak for your services, ask for the feedback, and analyze the trends that your customers follow. Dedicate a team to monitor customer feedback and proactively resolve the issues, make sure to not repeat them. Satisfied customers will become the promoters of your brand, so you need to invest in improvising their journey by collecting feedback and acting upon it.

Do Not Miss Any Lead

Are your keeping a track of missed calls? If not, start today. Define your business hours and get notified of missed calls that landed in your system during non-business hours. Agents can schedule a follow-up for such leads to engage with them and convert them at the earliest.

Key Outbound Call Center Metrics that Should be Tracked

Measuring the key performance indicators is important for any business to keep the business objectives at the forefront. These KPIs should be carefully monitored to achieve business goals.

Average Handling Time

It is an important and rewarding metric. Who doesn’t want to close the sale in the first contact? While First Call Resolution does not come easy for certain business types, it helps in boosting the sales revenue drastically. Identifying trends that work for your business is important, incentivize this metric to see the results for yourself.

Conversion Rate

Higher your conversion rate, the better. But, if not, check where you are lacking. Your agents might be handling more number of calls but are failing in closing the sale, hence cost per lead increases. Closely analyze the conversion rate because your business’s revenue is directly dependent on this metric. You can analyze the reason for failure by closely monitoring the behavioral pattern.

First Call Resolution Rate

It is an important and rewarding metric. Who doesn’t want to close the sale in the first contact? While First Call resolution does not come easy for certain business types, it helps in boosting the sale revenue drastically. Identifying trends that work for your business is important, incentivize this metric to see the results for yourself.

Call Abandoned Ratio

What if callers are answering the calls but are not connected to live agents quickly? They abandon the call and you might lose a potential customer. Set your routing parameters such that calls are connected to live agents and customers do not have to hold for a long time.


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