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Outbound Call Center Software

Best outbound calling software backed by intelligent outbound dialers and powerful outbound call center features to boost customer engagement and connect rate.

What is an Outbound Call Center Software?

An outbound call center is the one where the agents dial out calls for purposes such as telemarketing, telesales, collections, etc. An outbound call center software simplifies and boosts this by automating dialing, filtering answering machines while providing the agents with an option to click to dial a contact number. All these and other outbound call center features combine to increase agent productivity, call center operations and connect rates.

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Increase Call Connects with Auto Dialers

Outbound call center productivity majorly depends on the number of connected calls and agent talk time, but various constraints like call waiting, unanswered calls, etc can hamper the productivity. Dialer software for outbound call center helps to automate the calling process by incorporating intelligence into dialing process to accelerate operational efficiency while reducing call drop rate.


Reduce Agent Idle Time

Increase your call center agents’ productivity while ensuring high call connect rates using a predictive dialer software. It determines the time when the agent will be free to take the call based on configurable dialer algorithms. Post which, it automatically dials out numbers from the set lead list to reduce agent efforts while increasing their productivity.

Let your Agents have Informed Conversations

Allow the your agents or telemarketers to view essential customer information to have qualified conversations. A Preview Dialer displays the customer information on the agent’s screen before a call is connected. Thus, providing them with time to get acquainted with the customer and tweak their sales pitch accordingly. The preview auto dialer is particularly useful when the list contains high-value prospects or customers.


Automate Agent Assignment across Campaigns

Manage multiple dialing processes or campaigns simultaneously with outbound contact center solution. Create, delete, modify campaigns with a single click to ensure optimum utilization of your call center dialer. Also, outbound agent no longer have to manually select campaigns to proceed their work. Agents are auto-directed towards the specific campaigns and queues they are assigned thus, improving productivity and reducing the scope of error.

Maximize Agent Productivity

Give your agents the right call center software to work smartly and avoid manual tasks to focus more on customer interactions. With a unified desktop, agents can manage multiple tasks like call handling, accessing customer information within a single window to reduce average agent handling time. Additional features like voicemail drop and scheduling callback enable agents to be more productive by reducing idle time.


No More Manual Dialing

Free your agents from the misery of having to manually dial the contact numbers. Ameyo’s click-to-call API allows you to pull the customer data from your CRM or other third party system while allowing the agents to simply click on the number to make an outbound call. Similarly, integrate Ameyo with you mobile application to enjoy click-to-dial functionality on your mobile too.

Maintain Conversation Context

Get seamless integration with leading CRMs or customer support systems, facilitating your agents to get a comprehensive view of your customer journey. Agents can drive better and more personalized interactions with outbound call center solution, when they know the context and can view the information from every touch point in one go. Smooth CTI integration helps to enhance first call resolution rate for improving customer satisfaction.


Track Metrics and KPIs in Real-Time

Get real-time insights into connect rates, call volumes, campaign data summary, etc. to have a better control of the outbound call center software. Reports and dashboards help to take better decisions related to resource allocation and campaign management. With outbound lead level filters, supervisors can prioritize their customers’ data on lead level, thus eliminating the need to create multiple campaigns. Live data on metrics like number of active calls, number of calls in queue, number of agents on call, etc helps to foresee operational changes and plan accordingly.

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Benefits of Outbound Call Center Software


Increase Agent Productivity

Eliminate the need for agents to manually dial numbers with outbound call center software

answering machine

Answering Machine Detection

Patch the call to agents only when a human picks, filtering answering machines


Contextual Conversation

Call center integrations to push and pull data from CRM in real-time


Boost Sales Conversions

Reach out to more prospects in less time to increase your sales


Effective Lead Management

Automatically vary the pacing ratio based on quality of your lead list for higher call connrects



Conduct surveys for market research to improve your product or features


Collect Feedback

Get customer feedback on service quality or customer experienceusing autodialer


Best time to Call

Intelligent auto dialer software to identify best timee to call based on historical data


Send Mass Communication

Send reminders or bulk messages to a large audience with outbound calling software

Campaign Management

Create outbound campaigns and make necessary adjustments based on real-time data


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Outbound Calling Software: Key Features


Predictive Dialer

Set the pacing ratio to automatically dial out the number from the lead list


Preview Dialer

Allow the agents to view customer details prior to making outbound call


Auto Dialer

Automatic dialing software to improve call connect rate and agents productivity



Place calls directly from customer view or CRM with a single click.

Call Recording

Record calls, and use them for quality and compliance


Live Call Control

Use features like hold, mute, transfer and call conferencing


Call Disposition

Add disposition codes to the call log to capture relevant call context


DNC Management

Add unwanted contacts to 'do not call' lists to avoid irate customers


Call Reporting

Get detailed reports for call details - average wait time, call duration, who hung up the call, call drops, etc

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Sankar Rao A.
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Ameyo software is being used as a CTI for Ola customer and partner support. The software has met the expectation of Ola and we were able to extend it to meet Ola's unique requirements.
Shivam M.
Shivam M.Sr Network Engineer
Our connectivity increased with retry time and campaign settings.Working with AMEYO has a great experience mostly in terms of Customer support on any issues identified. Ameyo is economical. Its flexibility with interating different CRM and it will keep stable.
Ehab M.
Ehab M.Head of Electronic Banking
Easy to use and customize application with excellent support team
Mitesh S.
Mitesh S.System Support Engineer
I like this software because of the capability to handle large numbers of call flows. I like the efficiency of this software like how it works and gave us the option to supervise the agents activity on a real time basis and the proper reports which helps alot to conclude many things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An outbound call center software allows businesses to reach out to their prospects and customers for various business-specific reasons- sales, product/service feedback, or survey. With the right outbound calling software in place, businesses can automate their calling process and optimize their agent productivity.

An outbound call center software empowers outbound call centers to streamline their calling process with solutions like auto dialers, call recording and logging, click to call, call monitoring, real-time tracking, and agent performance reports. Outbound call center software makes it easy to reach out to large customer list in no time.

For an outbound call center software to be truly effective, it needs to have the following features:

  • Automated dialing /Dialer
  • Call retry algorithms
  • Click to call functionality
  • Call details logs
  • Detailed Supervisor reports and monitoring
  • Call back feature

You can manage you outbound call center by:

  • Having the right technology
  • Knowing your metrics
  • Ensuring first call resolution
  • Logging calls for training & improvement
  • Having a knowledge base to have quality conversations