Top 5 Contact Center Reports Supervisors Must Look At


Call centers have been around for a long time now and have gained even more importance in recent times since the businesses are increasingly going online. Call centers or contact centers are extensively used by businesses today to manage their customer service process.

With businesses increasingly moving from legacy models to modern contact centers, they are being provided with an abundance of data. Once the managers and business heads learn how to leverage this data, they can ensure high agent performance and improved call center performance.

5 Contact Center Reports Managers Must Use

Call Details Report

As a supervisor you need to know what is happening in your call center. As the name suggests, a call details report tells you about various details of all the calls that were made and received by the system. Some of the parameters to manage are:

  • Abandoned Call Details: Know how many calls were lost because customers couldn’t connect with your call center
  • Call Type: Details about whether the call was inbound, outbound or dialed manually
  • Call Time: Date and time at which call was made or received by the system
  • Campaign Name: Campaign for which the report is being extracted
  • ACD Call Details: Inbound or other calls that were transferred to the automatic call distributor

This report is a good way to know what all happened with or during a call. Having this information allows the supervisor to review any escalations or check in case of any discrepancy from the agent or the customer’s side.

Agent Performance Report

Monitor the performance of individual agents assigned to a campaign. In case of an inbound agent, you can look into their average talk time, wrap up and their first call resolution (FCR) rate. This information can be used to identify any training gaps and further steps can be taken accordingly. Similarly, for an outbound campaign, get details about the number of manual dials, call, call connect rate to get the right picture.

This report helps the call center supervisors and managers identify high and low performing agents. Once they have done that, they can also listen to their call recordings using the voicelogger and further note down the gap areas for the low performers and make their training programs accordingly. Similarly, they can also use the call recordings of the top performers as an example to train other agents.

Advaced Call Center Reports and dashboards options for call center supervisours.

Call Disposition Report

What was the purpose of the call? How did it conclude? These are some of the questions that a call center manager should know the answer to. After all, helping the customers and increasing sales are some of the main reasons for setting up a call center. So, having this data only enriches your knowledge as a supervisor.

Basically, call disposition tells you about:

  • Outcome of a call
  • Reason for the call
  • Any future action required

Using this report the call center supervisors get to know the gaps in their operations, delivery, customer experience, etc which can then be communicated to the respective teams to make the necessary improvements. Moreover, agents can also select a future action like scheduling a callback and can even add a note for instructions.

SLA Summary Report

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) such as average wait time (AWT), average hold time (AHT), call wrap up time, call pickup time, etc are important for call centers. This report allows the supervisors to see how often the SLAs were breached, by whom and in which campaign or queue.

Along with the real-time monitoring and dashboards, having this report will give further insight into gaps. For example, in case the inbound queries are at its peak, leading to high wait time, the supervisors can reshuffle the agents from different campaigns to handle the peak traffic.


Agent Activity Report

Managing a large workforce can be a difficult task for the floor managers and supervisors. Knowing what the agents are doing throughout the day – when did they login, their working hours, calls handled, etc are some of the activities that needs to be monitored on a regular basis.

Agent activity report provides a sequence of information about the all/selected agents in the given campaign. The supervisors can use this information to make sure all these activities are in alignment to the roster and agents are not surpassing the system.

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