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Personalized Customer Engagement: Getting Started


Personalized customer engagement is not a one-time occurrence, it is a course of improvement and advancement that requires a tenacious workforce and contact center infrastructure. Once you have a persistent workforce and infrastructure lined up, you can begin the journey of personalized customer engagement.

Organizations aim to deliver world-class, second to none service, to meet the increasingly demanding customer base, who are well aware of their alternatives. Technology has now empowered the customers more than ever. It has changed the game, and the customers have changed the rules.Customers are now digitally connected, socially networked, and always game for technology revolution. They have to access to social networks, mobile applications, technology devices where they are able to connect and access information on the move.

Once the commitment has been made to provide personalized customer engagement, start where the biggest impact can be made: Contact Center. Contact center is the face of your organization, so make sure it is presentable to your customers because this is where you interact most with them.

One of the challenge is the unpredictable nature in the mode of communication. Customers will decide when, and how to communicate with you, and they expect to be appropriately responded through the same with no delays. Organizations should aim at delivering consistent customer experience at their preferred mode of communication. Another challenge is to gain a comprehensive view of the customer when handling queries and resolving complaints. Customers expect to be known, acknowledged, and respected for their queries. Customer dialogue is not a series of discrete, unique experiences, it is a part of an ongoing relationship. Violating this relationship will result in profound consequences.

Arm your agents with the right technology tools like helpdesk software by Ameyo and customer information to provide them with a 360 degree view of the customers, thereby allowing them to instantaneously obtain customer information from multiple systems that typically exist in departmental silos. A contact center technology will seamlessly integrate information from multiple silos and creates comprehensive information without exhausting the time of agents toggling between multiple systems.

Developing such a paradigm of exceptional service with personalized customer engagement, might seem as an overwhelming and daunting task, but once the process has been initiated the goals of increased loyalty and long term revenues can be achieved. 


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