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StartMySafari Ltd boosts their Business Performance by Deploying Ameyo Contact Center Solution


Gurgaon, 22nd March, 2016: Omnichannel Customer Experience and Contact Center Technology expert Ameyo, is pleased to announce that StartMySafari Limited, first of its kind bus ticketing platform in East Africa has selected the Ameyo Customer Engagement Platform to help deliver superior customer service.

Being in transport services, comfort of passengers has been the top most  priority of StartMySafari. They were facing challenges in controlling the country-wide agent enrolment campaign, providing hassle-free travel, and in attending customer queries. Thus, they started searching for a solution that could pre-empt their business challenges. Leveraging the innovative technology offered by Ameyo, the company now ensures consistent, seamless and personalized interactions with its customers.

StartMySafari did an extensive market research prior to launching their business. The sales had been quite sluggish in the initial months of operation. Ameyo deployment has helped them earn trust of the customers by always being available to them. Their sales significantly improved leading to more productivity and scalability.

With Ameyo, StartMySafari customers can now easily book new service requests, track booking status, raise issues, send enquiries and feedbacks. The supervisors can also analyse business support data more efficiently, accurately and on real-time basis.

“Ameyo played an important role in the success of our business and it continues to be an integral part of our operations. The process of acquiring and implementing the Ameyo solution has been easy. Sales team was cooperative, implementation was smooth and support has been great. Ameyo deployment has helped us earn trust from the general public as we became always reachable to our customers. Our sales did jump at least 40% after the deployment ”, says Remesh Reghu, Director, StartMySafari Limited.

StartMySafari was capable of generating business­ oriented comprehensive reports with Ameyo’s Reporting and Analytics tool. This gave them a better insight of process performance, campaign productivity, call details, transparency of operations, etc. Also, the integrated Ameyo Voice logger allowed complete voice recording, access and management of all the calls made in the system.

“Ameyo is glad to add StartMySafari to our esteemed portfolio of customers. With this acquisition, we are able to showcase our dominance in the e-commerce industry in Tanzania. StartMySafari is the first e-commerce company in Tanzania in the logistics sector. It is worth mentioning that with the deployment of Ameyo, the center achieved 40% increase in connected call,”  says Shobhit Gupta, Director, East & South Africa Sales.


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