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Technology as a Platform: The New Normal


Platform technology lets companies create new products, all the while being cost-effective.

At the International Contact Center Conference & Expo held in Cebu, Philippines last week (more to come on this event later), Drishti highlighted how technology as a platform is the future and how we can provide contact centers with business-specific solutions for various processes. And while we have been propounding this thought for a long time now, the industry has finally seen the truth of the statement.

Simply speaking, platform technology allows creation of products and processes that support development in both present and in the future. It establishes the long-term capabilities of the solution to sustain and run processes. Platform technology allows for various products to be created or innovated without the expense of any additional or new software or hardware introduction.

For contact centers, this is a boon. Platform technology keeps a tight check on the cost investment aspect of the business and updates are on an “as-needed” basis and not a necessity. One can choose to pay for updating specific functions as per their requirements in the software. Unlike hardware and legacy solutions which entail the “need” to buy their proprietary hardware for the solution to run, platform technology has no such requirement. It is adaptable, flexible, and highly cost-effective.

The most famous companies in the world like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have evolved themselves into platforms and enabled various offerings and services to their users. The moment these giants realized that they could offer more being a platform, is the moment that made them the leaders that they are today.

At the heart of technology as a platform is the customer. They drive technology and demand that contact centers follow suit. But think about this: do you want to be a contact center that is forced to change according to the changing times, or do you want to be a contact center that leads change in the 21st century? If you know where the future is, invest in the right contact center software.


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