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Technology feeding the starving Food Delivery space



Startup companies changing the way you eat, or how you get your food, raised more than $1 billion in 2014, according to data provided by CB Insights. That is a 272% hike from 2013 funding levels, which came in at about $288 million. With all this cash flowing in, it shows that the industry has a promising future ahead. But even with this kind of money, the industry is far from being quintessential.

Food tech startups across the globe are encountering challenges that are awaiting resolution. Challenges that are well pronounced and conspicuous.

Order Confirmation Bandwidth: Customers that place an order through an app, website, or phone expects his/her order to be confirmed as soon as possible. But to what extent are these food tech startups delivering to customer expectations, “Bare minimum.” Food delivery companies struggle and invest aggressively to minimise the order confirmation time by increasing manpower and utilising technology to simplify the confirmation process.

Lack of Visibility: Akin to the supply chain and logistics industry, the customers of food delivery companies have been demanding complete visibility of their delivery. Customers wish to track their order and have updated information of their delivery status. This is one area where food delivery companies need to devise immediate strategies for improvement.

Struggle in Scalability: Food tech startups and food delivery service companies are raising funds to expand their geographical reach, but one major challenge they encounter while expanding is the hassle of technology scalability. They aim at delivering the same level of service compliance, but finds trouble in implementing the same technology owing to financial constraints.

Merchant Management: Food tech startups provide customers with a cornucopia of restaurant takeout options and local pizzerias, but fail to analyse the impact on their business health. When each merchant refuses to accept the order or delays the delivery, the food delivery company gets hit and their service quality is questioned.

These challenges are persistent in the industry, and companies have approached Ameyo in search of a solution. Ameyo took this as a challenge and developed a customer engagement  solution that not only resolves each of the challenges but ensures the customer dines happy.

Intelligent Routing: With Ameyo Intelligent Routing capability, each order is directed to the best skilled or idle agent. The agent could then process the order with the help of the merchant and pass it on for confirmation in less than 5 minutes *guaranteed*, be it from a call or through an app.

Real time Order Update: With Real-time Order Updates been displayed at agent screen, the agent is able to inform the customer with live updates on the delivery status. Any delivery related issues would be displayed at the agent screen equipping them with relevant delivery information when the customer calls back.

Integrated Dashboard:  Ameyo’s integrated Dashboard enables supervisors to garner top-level visibility of business, helping them analyse their business health in the light of each merchant. Ameyo customer engagement platform will track the success of each delivery and the algorithm will learn from it so the process effectively gets smarter.

Scalability: With Ameyo cloud technology, food tech startups have the opportunity to scale up or down their business or expand their geographical reach by merely scaling their resources.

With Ameyo’s disruptive and innovative technology, food tech startups and food delivery companies can now focus on their core competencies and devise strategies for customer service excellence.




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