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The ‘Element X’ of Customer Service to Garner Happy Customers


A lot has been said and heard on the importance of customer retention. And, it is something which you can only aim to have if you prioritise your customers and put in serious efforts to make them happy.
But wait, that is not all. There’s more to having happy customers. If you remember that famous animated series – ‘The Powerpuff Girls’, you would also know the importance of ‘Element X’. This was the secret ingredient which made Powerpuff girls so righteous and strong. Similarly in customer service, there is an ‘Element X’ which is the secret ingredient while formulating your perfect recipe for getting happy customers.

What is this ‘element X’?
There’s a very famous quote by Ritz Cartlon and I quote him, “Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction, you must improve.” This statement actually sums up the importance of customer satisfaction. Your one happy customer, who is extremely satisfied with your product and post-purchase services, is actually your biggest brand ambassador. He is not only going to be a loyal and returning customer, he will also give you recommendations and hence, your customer pool will multiply. If he is not satisfied, he will simply take his business elsewhere along with the recommendations. This will make not him happy, but your competitors will be ecstatic.
How do you make your customers happy?
If you are in the service industry, you would have heard the most clichéd statement – ‘Customer is always right’. This is the core mantra of making them happy. If you make them feel in control at all times, if you assure them that you are doing your best to help them through, you are actually listening to them and being extremely empathetic and not just reading your sympathy script – there’s a huge chance that you would ensure great customer satisfaction.
It is a simple psychological fact, all humans are wired to react and refute when events deviate from their expected outcomes. The trick here is, to maintain your calm and peace at all times. Your customer can sound unreasonable and would raise their voice. If you are able to handle an irate customer and give the best possible customer service, assure and strive to have first call resolution – 7 out of your 10 calls would end up being appreciation mails. Sounds great, right?
Where do you start?
You start with baby steps. One customer at a time. I know there are going to be some extremely difficult customers. They would be arrogant, demanding and unworthy of your efforts. However, there are going to be some extremely polite, genuine and nice customers alsol. A little optimism and empathy is all that is needed to get you started. For every 1 pleased customer, you increase your business by about 0.3 times. So, imagine if you have an overall customer satisfaction of 90%, where would your business be headed? It will surely be a win-win situation for everybody.

What do you need the most?

To serve your customers like a star and be in his good books, all you need is ‘Patience’. You need patience to reason, to listen to the same story a minimum of three times, to negotiate, to pacify, and to make customers an asset for your company’s brand and image. In a nutshell, you need patience to be in service industry and be a top-performing rep.
We understand achieving 100% customer satisfaction is an uphill task, but this should not stop you or anyone who is the face of a company’s image, from trying to be excellent. Your customers deserve and expect not great but legendary customer service from you. After all they are the ones responsible for running your business in the first place.
This International Day of Happiness take a pledge. Pledge to have happy customers.
Meanwhile, spread some smiles and laughter!
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