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The Era of Mobile Customer Service – Why Should You Consider it?



Today’s generation of customers are tech savvy, digitally aware and have great expectations. They expect a similar behavior from your company, brand and the associated customer support, like in a contact center. They want everything at their disposal, right now and instantly.

With the advent of mobile technology, this expectation has been given a boost. Feeling hungry? Order online or via one of the many available apps, want to avail banking consultation? Book an appointment via mobile apps etc. The horizon of mobile customer service is expanding very rapidly, providing services ranging from the simplest of the tasks to making it easy to avail the tough ones. Mobile customer service also allows its users to be connected to the World Wide Web and avail multifold options at their ease and with utmost comfort.

Ease of access

Besides providing and making it easy for customers to be connected always and to avail the unlimited options of customer support, it also enhances their access capabilities. Your callers now have the option to access your support services from anywhere and anytime. Mobile customer service gives them the freedom to pick among many different options of acquiring support and getting their queries addressed. It can be over chat, it can be via lodging a query via many available apps on play store or Apple store for different contact center technology firms.

Coverage extension

With mobile customer service your contact center has the advantage of extending the coverage support to felicitate support over wide regions and demographics. Your customers on the other hand, have the option to quickly switch questions and get in detail answers to their queries, based upon the agent’s feedback and insights.

Happy agents, happier customers

When your agents have the authority to take decisions and help customers, it makes them to want to put in extra effort and serve better. It makes them feel in control and imparts a sense of happiness, to be able to enhance customer’s experience. Managing a team of agents, where they are on calls most of the day, often dealing with irate customers can sometimes drag their motivation levels down. In such a scenario, a little extra push can uplift their spirits and give you happy customers.

Reduced cost of operations

When you can deal with customer queries via Mobile Call Center Solution, it gives you an edge over traditional on-call handling strategy. It is more economical to your business and also more convenient and cost effective for your frequent callers. Besides this, you can always easily keep your customers updated with self-help options, using push notifications, in-app purchases and chat with us options, which come as a side serve option. As great customer service is about evaluating the benefits for your customers too.

Endless options and seamless connectivity

As mentioned earlier the scope of mobile customer service is huge. And it is yet to reach its full bloom. With growing innovation and advances, one can soon expect that mobile customer service can overtake human interaction, though not completely but will soon become a major stake holder when it comes to customer support options.

Easy CRM access

While dealing with customers, who approach you via mobile customer support options, your agents can also easily access the CRM and understand the background interaction in past while simultaneously answering his queries. This also gives you an added advantage to pitch them your other products and services, by identifying the latent needs of the customer.

It is like they say, that great customer service is not just what you do, it a culture. It is about helping your customers in helping you to get more, happy customers.

I hope with these points, mobile customer service will top on your priorities list to implement and consider. If you have more points to add or feedback to share, kindly drop a comment below.




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