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The Role of Campaign Management System (CMS) in a Contact Center

Campaign Management System in Contact Centers

If you are running an outbound contact center, you require a competent CMS or campaign management system so that the dialer is aware of whom to contact or how to create a list of email contacts or phone numbers. If you have a more advanced CMS in place, it will enable your agent to record the kind of response given by each customer for a particular campaign.

What is a Campaign Management System?

A CMS is a software system that is particularly designed for handling the different components of a call center’s marketing campaign. Though its acronym is same as the content management system and their designs may appear somewhat similar, both of them are different from each other conceptually.

For any outbound call center, campaign management is the most crucial component of its work activity. The crucial decisions that can have an effect on the profitability and productivity of a business are identified so that when the clients demand more granularity and accuracy, they can be handled well and the line of the business data is managed efficiently. 

Quite similar to how an air traffic controller functions, the manager of a call center is dependent on competent and reliable management tools for doing his or her job well. A sophisticated CMS solution can offer a logically monitoring and arranged control suite that can simplify the marketing related tasks of a call center even when the situation is quite demanding.

Campaign management in call centers can be quite a daunting task. There are many aspects to it such as managing the data, sourcing it, making selections for campaign, tracking customer responses and analyzing the results. All these tasks can be quite time-consuming while also requiring special expertise that good CMS software can provide quite easily.

  1. Reduction of lead time

When campaign marketing is automated, it results in rapid coordination, measuring, launching and scheduling of different types of marketing campaigns ranging from simple to complex ones through multiple or single channels. Now, the same task that took weeks to complete can be completed within a few hours or days.

  1. Your interactions can be personalized

When you incorporate personalization in your marketing operations, it can increase the number of conversions. Automating your campaign management will allow the marketers to link behaviors to individual customers, thus opening unexplored avenues to personalize offers, custom landing pages and emails in a dynamic manner.

  1. Access a larger number of people

When campaign management is effectively blended with profiling of inbound and outbound tactics along with data collection, marketers can expand their reach and visibility drastically including expanding their business database and thus increasing the flow of leads.

  1. Improve outcomes through tests

Marketers at a call center can use various testing techniques like A/B splits for emails and landing pages for testing creative layout or sending a message with a sample representative audience. The version that wins can be then made part of the bigger campaign.

  1. Search engine optimization

A recent study came with the finding that an organic search can be conducted for driving the maximum traffic in multiple channels. In fact, almost 50 percent of all site visits can be attributed to this factor. Platforms for marketing automation can be used for streamlining SEO tasks with tools for on-page evaluation for ensuring the optimization of blogs and web pages for search engines.

  1. Making use of social media

Automating your marketing campaign in the call center will be helpful for the marketers to manage and track publishing campaigns on social media and listing to several top channels for social media. It can also send notifications when it is required to respond that can help the marketers to be aware of what is being discussed while participating in various subjects. There are platforms that also provide options such as prospecting, competitive analysis and sentiment analysis.

  1. Identifying the needs of your website visitors

Tracking the website visitors can precisely pin point the services or products an online visitor is interested in. This can help your marketers to target promotions and campaigns further for meeting their interests. It is also helpful in identifying the anonymous web visitors and then finding out their contact details.

  1. Scheduling email campaigns so that there is no chance of forgetting

Automating your campaign management system will help the marketers to derive the best advantage of conducting email marketing and that includes triggering email programs and nurture programs. Messages, offers and contents can be sent automatically to the appropriate recipients when the time is right.

  1. Creation and evaluation of landing pages

Have you tracked the performance of your landing pages? Are they adhering to the best practices of SEO? Are you aware of the proper metrics that need to be monitored? Which are the most effective designs? Campaign Management of CMS software can offer you all the tools to give answers to the above questions.








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