The Virtual Call Center Starter Kit: Tools You Need to Run an At-home Call Center


Virtual call center solution is quickly transforming the face of customer service, and the global pandemic has given acceleration to it. Many businesses are pushed a decade ahead of the technology and fortunately, the call center agents can now get the flexibility to work from their preferred locations.

As ‘work from anywhere’ has become a norm, it’s time that the businesses start embracing this reality with this quick checklist to run an at-home call center.

Infrastructure Readiness

While the virtual call center solution eliminates the need for setting up infrastructure and hardware installations, it requires businesses to be equipped with tools like a virtual call center app, VPN access, strong internet connection, desktop/laptop/smartphones to start with.

At-home or virtual agents will need infrastructural support to ensure that they provide uninterrupted customer service to the customers. 

Application Infrastructure Management (AIM)

Let the truth be told, working remotely can be tedious for managers to track agents’ activities and identify the reason/issue for low productivity. In a remote work environment, it often is difficult for the IT department to find the root cause of call failure. If an agent is reporting continuous network failure, what would you trust, the network, the agent, or the device?

With application infrastructure management, managers can do away with such challenges and identify the root cause of low productivity with 15+ monitoring parameters such as network drop, blank call, abrupt disconnection, call failure, low internet bandwidth, and other network-related issues.

Mobile Agent Application

Why do you need a virtual call center app for your business? If your agents are struggling with limited infrastructure, a mobile app comes in handy, all you need is a smartphone with a strong internet connection and you have your own mini contact center in your hands.

Ameyo’s highly flexible mobile application allows agents to work with a low internet bandwidth of 100-150 KBPS ensuring that they deliver a superior customer experience. Additionally, with a floating widget, let the call center agents do app-plexing which further saves time by 20-25% on each call.

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

Virtual contact center software that allows for systematic and standardized call monitoring practices is a must-have capability for managing a virtual call center. With remote call monitoring, supervisors can keep track of agents’ activities, analyze the call trends, and make well-informed data-driven decisions.

With enhanced features like real-time monitoring, let the supervisors gain full control of the call activities by snooping, barging, and whispering in a live call.

Reporting & Dashboards

Get a virtual call center software that allows you to keep a close eye on key performance metrics. In a physical office world, the managers could easily tap on the agents’ shoulder to get insights into the metrics but this becomes imperative to analyze the KPIs while working remotely.

Get a customizable dashboard with detailed reports and analytics into SLAs, CSAT rate, FCR rate, allowing the managers to prevent the SLA breaches in time and help increase customer satisfaction rate, making down tracking easy.

Onboarding & Collaboration

Your virtual agents need a tool to communicate with their peers and managers virtually. An internal chat option will make the team collaboration easy, ensuring that the at-home or remote agents can reach out to each other, especially when they are on a live call.

Create a high trust environment with shared collaboration tools and let the agents have access to all the information in a single dashboard.



To maintain the efficiency of your at-home call center agents, you need to equip your team with the tools that help them increase their productivity and at the same time provide the comfort of working from their preferred location. With a progressive virtual call center solution, let your agents translate each call into a meaningful experience. I hope the aforementioned checklist will help you choose the best virtual contact center software for your business.