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Theeb Rent A Car Joins Hands With Ameyo to Expand its Customer Support Operations


Gurgaon, November 01, 2015: Contact center technology and services provider, Ameyo is pleased to announce that Theeb Rent A Car, Saudi Arabia’s leading car rental company has chosen Ameyo platform to empower their growing customer service demands with its sophisticated features and functionality.

With the objective of providing quality services, Theeb Rent A Car realized the need to serve customers more efficiently by always being available to them. They were not satisfied with their existing call center setup. The lack of integration and reporting analysis capabilities forced them to search for a solution that could assist their customers 24*7 for offering an intuitive and seamless customer journey. Leveraging the technology offered by Ameyo, the company now ensures a genuine two way communication between Theeb Rent A Car and its customers.

The exquisite and exceptional advancement in technology of Ameyo, made the executives of Theeb Rent A Car choose Ameyo solution for managing their Inbound process.

Ameyo will enhance authentication and streamline the membership services.  Customers can book car rental requests, take doorstep service, track their booking status, send enquiries and provide feedback. Theeb can now easily perform surveys for measuring the customer experience as well as the agents’ overall performance. With ease of deployment, quick user adoption and lower hardware footprint, Theeb Rent A Car will reduce their total cost of ownership.  Theeb will be able to analyse business support data more efficiently, accurately and on real-time basis improving their operational efficiency.

Theeb will also be improving their payment process by using Ameyo. With Ameyo’s Telephony and DB integration for CTI pop up, Theeb can now automate their processes to boost their productivity.

“Due to inefficiency, lack of integration and poor reporting analysis capabilities in our previous call center setup, we were forced to look for an efficient, integrated and easy-to-maintain solution which could serve our customers effectively on a 24*7 basis. With Ameyo’s cost-effective and robust solution, we are now able to analyze business support data more efficiently, accurately and on a real-time basis,” says Bharat Senwal, CTO, Theeb Rent A Car.

Ameyo’s GPS integration with fleet will provide holistic and multi-dimensional fleet management. They can trace the rented car anytime, anywhere. This will help in providing customers with an estimated time of pick-up, handle emergency situations and manage breakdown services. The solution also gives them the capability to monitor & control quality, performance reviews and measure agent performance.

 “Ameyo is glad to add Theeb Rent A Car to our esteemed portfolio of +1600 customers. With this acquisition we are able to elevate our dominance in the automotive industry, which has always been our key focus vertical in Saudi Arabia. It is worth mentioning that we displaced a complete solution previously implemented that failed to deliver value to the customer. Theeb Rent A Car is a great example of how Ameyo provides customized customer interaction management solutions to enhance the operations manifold, garner better insights, and have greater control of the contact center,” says Binzad Aliar, Director, ME Sales.


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