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Top 5 Customer Experience Trends that will Rule the Roost in 2017



The term customer experience has lost its essence with industries focusing more towards profits. We all are aware of the fact that number of interactions with the customer facing department has tremendously increased due to lags in the services. This has become a traumatising situation for the customers as they are the one who ultimately have to bear the consequences.

Creating ‘WOW’ experience has become one of the most arduous task for companies and the important question still revolves around “How to build a lasting customer experience memory?

A memory that not only improves the entire customer journey but at the same time will help in earning brand advocates.

We at Ameyo have worked on few customer experience trends through which organizations can upsurge the level of contentment each time the customer gets in touch with the service department. Let’s create long lasting #CXmemories:

Proactive Service: You must be thinking that proactive is a pretty much old term and has been invariably used in the past few years. Proactive service will always hold its importance when it comes to understanding the needs of customers and delivering high level service that ensures optimum level of satisfaction. What organizations were doing till now was the first phase of proactivity but in order to ensure an euphoric experience, organizations need to move to the next level. The new era of proactive customer service should start by being available across channels and helping customers to be able to help themselves anywhere and anytime. So, how to get started? Do not worry, we have got it covered for you. Follow these steps to rock your proactive customer support:

  1. Get your customer’s feedback regularly
  2. Cover your online channels
  3. Reward your customers
  4. Admit your mistakes before your customers point out
  5. Get your FAQs right

Chatbot Assistance: With the introduction of chatbots in the customer experience platform, organizations have swiftly started moving towards enhancing service model. Chatbots have simplified the user experience and have the capability of speeding up the chat service. Inconsistency in the customer experience can spoil the brand’s image and can increase the probability of customers defecting to competition. According to Gartner “by 2020, the customer will manage 85 per cent of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.” Chatbots have been considered as the powerful new channel to increase sales and assist more customers. Thus, they have bridged in the gap of mismatched expectations.

Personalized support: How would you feel if a brand offers you the sort of service that exceeds your expectations and makes you feel like a king. Most of us would be highly overwhelmed with happiness. Providing personalized services not only improves the overall satisfaction level of the customer but at the same time increases the chances for repurchase. Studies have shown that “89% of customers have started doing businesses with competitors because of poor customer experience.” Thus, a little bit of effort and proactivity towards customers can help in reducing the churn rate.

Social Channels: The number of interactions on social media has increased and has provided a weapon for the consumers to voice their opinion. Research have shown that “42% of consumers who attempt to contact a brand, product, or company through social media for customer support expect a response within 60 minutes.” The trend of providing online feedbacks has raised the bars for the customer service departments, which has forced them to be quick in service delivery. Thus, social media is ruling the game in customer service industry.

Intelligent email support: Till now we have been talking around customizing emails according to the need level. Well 2017 is not only about customized email, rather this year the email support is going to be more interactive. I personally have started receiving emails with live images and drop down menus which will not only enhance the user experience but at the same time will improve the response rate.

These are some of the customer experience trends that will revolutionize the service level. Let me know if I have missed on any other trend. You can write suggestions in the comments section below.

Happy creating long lasting #CXmemories!



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