Top Mobile App Trends for 2017 to Impact Small Businesses [Infographic]


In a world that is dictated by smartphones, 4G is the new ‘it factor’ in India as prices continue to be on a declining spree along with increased customization.

This is quite obvious as the smartphone user base stands at 250 million, growing at a massive 50%. Furthermore, there have been 106 million new smartphone shipments last year, while the penetration still stands at 20%Also, startups and small businesses are in a mad scramble to tap into the colossal $77 billion worldwide market that mobile apps are estimate to generate.  Millennials use mobile internet daily – with at least 2-3 hours spent daily on smartphones.

As consumers are spending an increasing amount of time on mobile devices, brands have realised that this is where the next phase of business expansion is most likely to be. This is slowly making startups and modern businesses ramp up their mobile in-app support.

An Infographic from Businessapps has predicted the top 5 notable points in the mobile app space, and how they are going to impact small businesses.

Take a look.


Ameyo has launched a Mobile Agent App by which agents can work remotely and can provide a good customer service. Agents just need a smartphone and stable internet connectivity.