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3 Ways Internet of Things (IoT) will Change the World of Customer Experience

How do you picture an average day in the future? As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, your personal robot butler asks you which 3D-printed dish you’d like for breakfast. As you get out of bed and take a peek at the mirror, it instantly comes to life with a hologram of today’s weather & to-dos.

After your room’s environment dynamically adjusts to your mood, you decide to get ready for work and let technology do all the work for you. Soon, you get a notification that your self-driving car is fully-charged and ready to go. In the age of automation, you can’t help but wonder whether this is reality, or something straight out a Jetsons episode you used to watch as a kid.

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3 Key Revelations from Kingdom Customer Experience Summit 2017


We all are witness to a new revolution in the Middle East - the CX Revolution!

Ameyo recently showcased its Omnichannel Customer Experience solution at The Kingdom Customer Experience from 9-11 May in Riyadh, KSA. The event largely focused on creating optimal customer experience in the modern digital age, apart from the various elements of great customer experience design.

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3 Deadly Mistakes Companies Make While Optimizing Customer Experience

Most companies would agree on one thing - delivering a superior customer experience is not an easy task. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and companies that don’t adapt proactively to the ever-evolving demands of their customers, will have a very hard time surviving in the future.

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Customer Experience in Middle East: Why CX will Overhaul the Landscape

We’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of organizations stressing the importance of customer experience and customer journey in developing markets. The Middle East region, in particular, is a hotspot for digital disruption, amidst increasing competition and rising customer expectations.

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How to Bank on Moments of Truth to Create Wow CX Memories

Ask yourself if you have built a culture where your agents are able to provide a personalized customer experience and listen to your Customers with empathy? If the answer is not a clear, ‘Yes’ then it’s high time that you as a Customer Experience specialist build that culture and bring a ‘Wow’ experience to your customers.

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Specialized and Generalized Contact Center Agents: Which is a Worthy Fit?


Regardless of what anyone does in today’s high paced world, one thing we all unanimously can agree on is that - ‘we all are wrestling with time, or rather the lack of it’!

The long and the short of this premise is that it has rubbed notably onto the contact center industry. Effective time management seems to be the buzzword for contact center agents, at a time when the industry is betting big on the colossal power of customer experience and an Omnichannel environment.  

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3 Enlightening Customer Experience Lessons from Apple, Disney and Tesla

When was the last time you walked into a car dealership only to be haggled by a pushy salesman and tons of paperwork? Or called a customer support number only to be put on hold, transferred, and finally greeted with a scripted response?

Believe it or not, customer experience has become as important as the product itself. In the 21st century, customers don’t want to be served - they want to be delighted by the overall experience. Creating a positive customer experience is imperative to survive and meet rising expectations. 

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Why Customer Experience Should Be the Only Goal that Matters for Brands

Almost every successful company now understands the utmost need for creating awesome customer experience, to enhance customer journeys. The management of such companies do realize that they can no longer simply compete on the lines of products/services.

However, in order to be successful, organizations have to build a consumer centric strategy. Customers and prospects’ perception is the key to the success of any business, and that is what should be the focus for all brands.

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5 Lessons Game of Thrones Teaches about Customer Service

The Great War is here.”

Somewhere in the cold and darkness of night in a land just north of ‘The Wall’, mythical White Walkers roam free among the living. Elsewhere, a massive shadow of a fire-breathing dragon is cast across the beautiful fields of Meereen as it majestically flies overhead. But nothing can match the anticipation of the Great War for the Iron Throne, set to decide the fate of Westeros once and for all. Still don’t catch our drift? We’re talking about Game of Thrones, HBO’s epic fantasy drama series based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling novels.

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Why We Believe in the Voice of Customer, and You Should Too! [Infographic]

It has been quite some time that we started to emphasize on relevance and degree of importance of customer experience memories or CX memories, in an ever-increasing hyper connected world. However, no matter how much we focus on its significance, a great deal remains to be done from brands around the world.

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