How Travel Agencies Benefit With Virtual Call Center Software?


Travel is rising with a boom and according to ADI, it is predicted that it will hit $98.02 billion this year. People travel to find a break from their work schedule and they want a surpassing experience at every stage of their journey.

Today’s customers are equipped with multiple options to choose from and it will only take a click to switch to your competitor’s offer. Travelers seek information online rather than going to an agency and a virtual call center can help you achieve consistency while you retain your customers.

Major Challenges for Travel & Tourism

Lack of Omnichannel Strategy

Customers need quick answers on all the channels. They can post a comment or raise a query on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Chat, Voice or WhatsApp and they require instant result because there’s another world of travel industry available online and customers can choose them over you.

Constrained Business Hours

Working with multiple geographies often comes down to business hours. Travelers may want to book their tickets post business hours and unavailability of agents or no response may reflect badly for the business and you may lose customers.

Operational Failover

Each interaction is important in the travel industry and operational failover may cost you a huge loss. The loss of customer data could mean the loss of business. Network outage or natural disaster increases the risk of losing the game in the industry.

Virtual Call Center Benefits

Let’s see how a virtual call center software helps the travel industry to overcome these challenges effectively.

Real-Time Updates

Let your customers know the status of their hotel reservation, flight tickets, etc. in real time. Customers would like a refund on their cancellation tickets, this needs attention. Provide ease of retrieving details about the travel destination.

For instance, John is looking for packages to plan his travel, Brian, the agent of travel industry sends him timely alerts via SMS and email ensuring that John is updated with exciting offers available. Brian can strike a chat with John, informing him about exciting offers to make his decision making journey smooth.


Engage on Social Media

Virtual Call Center tools like Unified Agent Desktop let’s you be at top of customer experience game. Customers engage through different channels like social, chat, email, and expect you to acknowledge their queries instantly. Agents can manage multiple interactions on UAD without having to switch between multiple screens.

When John posts a query about a cancellation/refund on Facebook, Brian can easily revert back to John and solve his problem without visiting the Facebook page. Once Brian logs in to agent’s screen, he can see all the queries raised by customers through different channels and reply instantly.

Scale As You Grow

Expand your business as you grow in the market without worrying about overheads for infrastructure or hardware set-up. Increasing or decreasing the business size as per current needs and managing the expenses becomes easy when you invest in cloud technology as it allows you to make changes in your business according to high/low call volume.

Work Beyond Business Hours

Agents can work from remote locations and you do not need to define business hours. Virtual Call Center Software has the data stored on cloud which is easily accessible, provided you have a strong internet connection.

John visits your website at 08.00 PM and he needs to book his travel for business instantly. He will expect to be answered about travel packages immediately. Here, Brian comes in the picture with John’s historical data which is integrated with CRM and observes that he is a priority customer, he resolves John’s query instantly while working from home and gets a happy customer for his agency.

No Data Loss

Your sensitive data is saved on cloud and you do not need to worry about the flow of your business. Travel industry agents get multiple queries each day and one day of operational failover can cause a huge loss. Virtual Call Center provides built-in recovery mechanisms that ensure backup of your data on cloud.

The world is moving towards internet driven technologies and travel industry is no far behind. Virtual Call Center Software makes you internet ready with all the features you need to drive your business to success. It is an easy, affordable and secure solution for your industry, make it digital today.

Also, the call center agents can provide the support to their customers even if they are working from home. With the Call Center Mobile App, agents can handle inbound and outbound calls with their smart phone.