Virtual Call Center Features

Manage Customer Interactions like a pro, with a virtual call center without investing in hardware, installation, and infrastructure

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Voice Capabilities

Make the most of your virtual call center by improving customer engagement across inbound and outbound calls

Preview Dialer

Get relevant customer information on agent screen before the call connects to improve call quality and sale.

Interactive Voice Response

Route the callers to the right agent every time and ensure customer satisfaction

On- call options

Provide seamless experience with on-call features such as hold, mute, transfer and call conferencing


Place calls directly from your help desk, CRM or website with Ameyo’s virtual call center voice toolbar.

Call Disposition

Add call summary notes and disposition codes to your call log and integrated CRM to ensure that relevant customer information is retained.

Voice Blast​

Send out mass reminders and announcements to customers

Intelligent Call Routing

Be smart about routing the customers to the right agent in your virtual call center and ensure first call resolution 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Easily configurable multi-level IVR to ensure each caller is directed to the right agent, team or department

Automatic Call Distributor

Route inbound calls to agents based on caller data, IVR selection, business hours, agent skills

Number Masking

Smart virtual call center software will help ensure customer privacy and retain business by encrypting the customer’s and vendor’s number

Skill-Based Routing

Match callers to the agents most qualified to meet their needs to increase customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

Forward to Phone

This feature of a virtual contact center software helps to forward calls to mobile phones, SIP phones or landline to enable your team to remain connected, even when working remotely.

Agent Empowerment

Prepare your agents with the best virtual call center tools to make customer management easy

Knowledge Base

Knowledge repository with an intelligent search to empower agents with on spot customer query resolution.

Lead Prioritization

Sort and filter data based on custom parameters to ensure all the call operations are planned systematically.

Single View of Customer

Get a 360-degree view of all the customer interactions with Ameyo’s cloud call center software to make sure the agents are well informed and capable of handling the queries effectively.

Virtual Call Center Integrations

Get instant access to all the customer information by integrating Ameyo’s virtual call center software with your business tools

CRM - CTI Integration

Seamlessly integrate Ameyo Emerge with your business tools – Freshdesk, Salesforce, Zendesk to ensure that all customer data is available in one interface

Contact History

Automatically display customer interaction history in your browser, including previous calls, emails, chats, so agents are well informed before every call connects.

Business Workflows

Design the flow for your business and ensure your new solution is configured and deployed rapidly, accurately and efficiently by just drag and drop functionality.

Reporting and Monitoring

Voice Logger

Record interactions for quality & compliance

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls. Listen to past call recordings at any time to ensure compliance with quality standards

Multi-Campaign Supervision

Monitor multiple campaigns at one time across your call center operations with the support of multiple tab supervision

Peak-hour Control

Better manage call volumes in peak hours by ensuring agents are available to take calls

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