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Webinar: Industry’s First Enterprise Call Center On A Mobile



The world is changing and the COVID-19 hit world is still trying to evaluate the work from home business model. 

From a start-up to a large enterprise, businesses are in search of a solution that does not affect the business continuity with a pandemic at hand. For a seamless shift to the WFH model, without compromising on business continuity you need a contingency plan. 

The world needs an immediate solution to combat the existing challenges and bring a BCP that stands out. You may not have the solution to this pandemic but you can ensure a healthy and safe work environment for employees while delivering exceptional customer service in this hour of need.

So, are you prepared for delivering exceptional customer service while your agents are moving to a remote working environment? 

We certainly are. Let’s hear it from Sachin Bhatia, Co-founder and Global Sales & Marketing Head, Ameyo in conversation with our Solutions Expert, Anubhuti Kushwaha

Here’s the script of the webinar:

The last four weeks have been perhaps the most dynamic and exciting in the industry. And when I say exciting it is because when there are challenges being thrown in the industry, it has to come out with quick Solutions. 

The last webinar that we guys did, we presented the three models of solutions that Ameyo has quickly brought in and we categorize them into the Phone Only, Smartphone, and Laptop-based Solutions, depending on what infrastructure can the organization provide to its agents and the thought and the goal has always been that you provide full contact center, let it be on whatever device available to the agent, but today our focus is on the smartphone.

I also wanted to share how we have treated and learned about this problem over the past few weeks. You know, everybody’s talking about work from home as a model and I think everybody understands that the immediate problem in front of the industry is that the lockdowns are causing work from home to happen, right? We are forced into it. And then IT folks are analyzing that agents sometimes have enough infrastructure at home. We are realizing that sometimes a pretty high percentage of the agents don’t have Laptops or Broadband available at their houses and since the customer’s queries have surged in the call volume, we need an immediate solution.

We are trying to solve this problem with our Mobile Call Center Solution.

Become A Mobile Ready Contact Center

So, because of the unprecedented challenges that we have at hand, we need to know where lies our ‘The Solution’ to enforce a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in the hour of need. It’s time to convert your smartphone into a Mobile Contact Center and become the choicest brand for your customers.

Let’s try to understand what problems the Mobile Based Call Center solution  will solve:

Zero Agent Infrastructure Needed

Smartphone and internet connection is all you need to start with call center operations. Within the internet connectivity, we have both options, 

  1. you could route calls on the internet using the WebRTC
  2. you could use the GSM network for normal incoming calls

This eliminates the need for any other infrastructure requirement for the agents. Of course, this requires the deployment of the cloud software. 

Enterprise-Grade Call Center Features

This app has full-scale enterprise contact center features including

  1. High Call Quality 
  2. 100% Call Activity Log
  3. Disposition and Notes
  4. KPI Monitoring
  5. Supports VPN, IMEI, Device ID Authentication

All the capabilities are available as you have in your desktops. Snoop, Barge, and Whisper are all available on the supervisor interface. So, its business as usual in terms of what a call center requires without involving any infrastructure.

This is a highly secure application, ensuring no data theft. You can also ensure application-level security using dedicated Username and Password.

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring Solution

It’s not just a cloud telephony solution, it’s a complete contact center application that has CTI application enabled, so if you have CRM data or back end customer data that you want to show to the agent while he’s on a call, you can now do that using CTI applications.

Mobile Agent Application Features

The call center mobile agent app is designed with the thought to simplify the existing problems of working remotely. This app has the following features:

  1. Fast Deployment: The mobile agent app is available on Android today and we are working on an iPhone version also. You could actually ask your agents to just go to Google PlayStore link and download the app and your agents are ready with a Mini Contact Center on their Smartphones.
  2. Enterprise-Ready: Since it’s an enterprise-ready application, we can set up a VPN with the help of your IT team or we have VPN on our cloud which will ensure that any enterprise data is accessed only on a VPN.
  3. Enhanced Voice WebRTC: WebRTC available on the mobile app makes it unique. To have CTI and WebRTC in a single application is relevant because if you have a mobile phone and decent quality 4G or broadband connection, you could actually make a voice call on WebRTC.
  4. Full Call Center capabilities : This application has a predictive dialer that allows you to run an updated dialer at the back end and the agents will get calls as business as usual. Agents can dispose the call, add comments & notes, and map it to the CRM. The call recordings are available directly on the server. No calls are recorded in the mobile phone which makes it a secure application. 

Enterprise Ready Contact Center In Your Palms

Keeping the user experience very simple for the agents, the mobile call center solution has all the features that you’d need. This allows agents to get activated on the platform very very quickly.

Agents get Convenience to Converse

Logging into campaigns, extension selection, and presence management is very easy for the agents. It allows the agent to:

  • Log into pre-configured campaigns/processes like Telesales or Service Process.
  • Take business calls 24*7
  • Manage their availability just like in any other contact center

Easy Management of Inbound/Outbound Calls

There’s a similar telephony toolbar of Mute, Hold, Transfer, Confer, Disposition capabilities.

  • Have  seamless connectivity and deliver a quality conversation with Enhanced Mobile Webrtc or PSTN Calls
  • Have a smart outreach strategy with Automated Dialers
  • Easily confer and transfer the calls to a specific queue, another agent, or supervisor with ease.
  • Dispositions and Callback Scheduling are available
  • Connect with customers in a single click using the click-to-call option

Secured Call Activity Logs

Both agents and supervisors can access the activity logs including disposition, notes, call recording for analyzing the performance of each agent.

  • Secure call recording on the server
  • Agents can listen to their calls for analyzing their own performance
  • Supervisors can mark the agents’ and campaigns’ performance with these call recordings
  • Access the previous call activity to understand the context

After Call Work Activity

Agents can add the notes for future reference after attending the call with the customers. The call activities are mapped in CRM and the supervisors can understand and monitor the calls for each campaign with ease.

  • They can add two levels of dispositions to set the context and outcome of the call
  • Streamline callbacks as per the customers’ requests
  • Attach short notes like call summary or output

Refined Callbacks

Agents can schedule the callbacks by date, time, and different campaigns and they can also receive notification prior to the call.

  • All customer callbacks are added in agent dashboard
  • Agents are notified prior to the call, ensuring no call is missed
  • Scheduled callbacks can be filtered from the data and agents can plan their activities based on this comprehensive data

Agent Self-Monitoring Capabilities

Agents can keep track of their performance and enhance their productivity with the call monitoring metrics. This is a performance-centric process that can be mapped against the business-specific metrics.

Agents can track the following metrics:

  • -Average handling time
  • -Average talk time
  • -Average wrap time
  • -Agent login time duration
  • -Breaks duration and breaks bifurcation
  • -Calls handled (connected/attempted)


CTA-FinalEnhanced Remote Monitoring for Supervisors

Full-fledged monitoring capabilities are available on the laptop version, and some supervision capabilities on the mobile app as well. Supervisors can perform functions like Snoop, Barge, Whisper, and more.

Supervisors can do the following:

  • Monitor assigned campaigns
  • Track configured SLAs
  • Access to customized monitoring dashboards
  • Get a statistical view of the entire data
  • Get push notifications for parameters like SLA breach


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