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What to Expect from Cloud Telephony in the Coming Times



Do you know about leading management consulting firm – McKinsey’s top predictions for the coming years? Among other things, it has stated that Cloud Telephony will be the next enterprise software that businesses will invest in after purchasing a CRM. This statement speaks volumes about the future of Cloud and cloud based call center software.

In one of our earlier blogs, we told you all about Cloud Telephony and how startups can take advantage of it to augment their business. Put simply, it is a data communications technology in which all the communication applications are maintained and hosted by the service provider. 

Leaving aside the scepticism towards this technology, it is slowly being adopted by a growing number of firms. Today, we will be trying to make sense of what the future of cloud telephony might look like.

  1. Will only get Bigger and Better Hereafter

Gartner says that cloud is accelerating all throughout the world and it expects adoption to touch $250 billion by 2017. Telephony constitutes a significant portion of cloud and so there are no doubts on the fact that this technology will also pick up rapid pace in less than a couple of years. It is also forecasted that by the end of this year, over 25% of all applications will be available on cloud.

  1. Another Layer to the Omnichannel Experience

The present day world is moving speedily towards an Omnichannel Experience. Therefore, in the coming times, the information stored in telephony call records on cloud will surely be seamlessly combined with other customer contact sources such as social media, chat, app feedbacks, etc. This will also help in bettering the entire customer experience, from a mere call to eventually a purchase.

  1. Small Businesses will Thrive

An increasing number of startups and small businesses will open their platforms on cloud, and it goes without saying that most of those would require telephony support. In fact, a sizeable number of new businesses are completely dependent on phone. Essentially, we are going into an era where businesses are not only creating products/services for cloud telephony, but also the entire operations will soon be driven by this technology.

  1. IoT and Data Analytics

With the help of cloud based telephony, Internet of Things (IoT) will get a whole new meaning. This means after gaining access to a host of customer data, IoT can easily be used to make phone calls from the various appliances used by customers in their daily chores. For example – your car will give you a call when your vehicle insurance is about to expire, or your washing machine will let you know that it needs a servicing. All these calls will be purely based on analytics derived from IoT, and therefore human intervention will be minimized.

  1. Messaging will be the new Fad!

That didn’t sound right, did it? Except that it is the truth. The way forward for cloud telephony is that it’ll have to integrate with Instant Messaging applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and others.

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