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Why Call Centers & Phone Support are far from Being Dead [Infographic]


“I hate talking to call center executives”; “Can’t I just get my work done without interacting with contact center reps?” These are some of the most common statements you are likely to hear from irate customers around the world.
Moreover, the average cost of an inbound call is $5.90. Multiply this amount with around 45 billion calls, (yes, that’s the number of calls made by call centers per year) and there you go – billions of money spent on calls! So, have you given a fair bit of thought – Why call centers and phone support still exist in this world?
The following Infographic by Zendesk breaks it down as to why the call center is here to stay, and why in spite all odds, today more people prefer customer support by phone, compared to other contemporary methods.Why_the_Call_Center_Wont_Go_Away



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