Why We Believe in the Voice of Customer, and You Should Too! [Infographic]


It has been quite some time that we started to emphasize on relevance and degree of importance of customer experience memories or CX memories, in an ever-increasing hyper connected world. However, no matter how much we focus on its significance, a great deal remains to be done from brands around the world.

At the end of the day – creating awe-inspiring CX memories all boil down to the voice of customer (VOC). This means that your organization needs to craft a perfect voice of customer strategy.

Customer experience platform, Cloudcherry collaborated with Ameyo to come up with an Infographic, pointing out the primary needs to put a VOC strategy in place, and also how to create an effective VOC program for an organization


Take a look at the Infographic, we are sure it will strike the right chords with your customer experience strategy.