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Why You Should Have a Call Center Monitoring Software in your Call Center


Businesses, small or big, can really benefit from a call monitoring software. A call center, especially, can benefit a lot from monitoring the calls of their agents. Most of the call centers have a call monitoring software in place. It helps them to enhance their quality management programs. The main advantage of a call center monitoring system is that you can monitor the calls live and that too without the knowledge of the agent. This will actually ensure that agents are polite, courteous, and friendly to the customer. Following are the advantages of call monitoring.
Identify agent performance proficiency and deficit
With call monitoring, call recording, and scoring, the agent’s performance on a call can be assessed. This information  can be utilized by the supervisors to gain an in-depth understanding of the agent’s proficiency and deficits. For example, if an agent struggles when dealing with a customer who is asking for a refund, the behavior can be analyzed to understand where exactly the agent is going wrong. This will help to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of an agent.
Effective feedback during quality/coaching sessions
Once the agent weakness/deficit has been identified, management will be able to understand why the agent is failing to meet expectations. This information can be used to coach the agent effectively. By allowing the agent to listen to his own call, the management will be able to provide a very comprehensive and concrete feedback. On top of that, the manager or supervisor can monitor the next call of that agent live, and help him/her to correct any mistakes, or provide assistance in real time. This will eventually help the agents to deal with the customer asking for a refund more efficiently. Call monitoring has the advantage of providing real-time feedback.
Facilitate goal setting
Even after providing the feedback, if the agent fails to improve, the management can develop an action plan. They can train the agent better by allowing him/her to barge in on similar calls handled by senior agents. Here, the agent will be monitoring the call of his senior, just for learning purpose. This can be done only with a call monitoring software. The advantage of monitoring a call, rather than listening to a recording is that the agent will learn to handle scenarios happening in real time.
Track progress
After the action plan is formulated, the manager or the supervisor must listen in on live calls, as well as recorded calls. During call monitoring, they should identify/assess whether the agent is following the correct process while dealing with the customer. Here, the agent will have to make use of the experience gained from monitoring the calls of his/her senior during training, and apply it on the call, to handle the call properly. Without a proper call monitoring software in place, none of this will be possible.
Identify agents in need of remediation
If the agent is not able to improve even after the action plan, and providing timely feedback, a remediation plan for the agent has to be considered. Providing solid data from call monitoring, call recording, and scoring will solidify your decision in front of the agent. This will help to reduce the agent’s defensiveness, and increase their willingness to comply with the remediation plan. If the agent is presented with a remediation plan without solid evidence (from call monitoring and call recording), he/she will be less receptive towards it. The only way to provide solid data is with call monitoring and call recording software.
Learning and progression
Making call monitoring a cornerstone of agent evaluation, feedback and training process will help to build an atmosphere of learning and progression. When agents realize that calls are monitored to provide active feedback to them to improve their performance on the call, and not to score them down, they will be open to receive the feedback positively. It will help them to perform efficiently on the calls, as well.
Improve customer satisfaction with improved service quality
The result of all the above-mentioned advantages of call monitoring is an efficient and effective workforce. With constant call monitoring and feedback sessions in place, the agent’s skill, performance, and development will improve. Agents with better skills will be able to provide impeccable customer service. Impeccable customer service will result in customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer will always provide more business to the company.
A Call center monitoring system will ensure that employees will not be making personal calls. This will save the business money. It will help to reduce inappropriate calls. It will also help the company to be compliant with the business practices. Your company will be able to avoid many a potential lawsuits that may occur due to miscommunication if there is an effective call monitoring and recording system is in place.
With a call monitoring system in place, managing, training, and supporting sales and support teams will be more efficient and productive.


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