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Customer Experience Platform

Join The CX Revolution with Ameyo


CX (Customer Experience) is a manifestation of interactions between an organization and customers across the customer journey. It is a ground-breaking strategy to craft awe-inspiring customer experiences on multiple interaction channels, thereby enhancing brand loyalty and improving future business outcomes.

cx technology

 Why Cxm Technology Matters?

Millennials today have sky-high expectations. They share positive and negative experiences on social media, online forums, chats and by word-of-mouth. In the ever-changing world of CX, people might forget your product - but they'll always remember and appreciate the kind of experience delivered by your CX technology. 

A Customer Experience Management (CEM / CXM) Platform combines multiple layers of data and information to make it easier for businesses to analyze, understand and improve CX at all touchpoints along the customer experience journey by identifying CX gaps.

the CX Challenges

Challenges Conquered by Innovative Contact Center Technology that Focuses Exclusively on Improving Customer Experience

Siloed Communications

Customer experience technology integrates all mediums of communication with the customer, and provides a single view of all interactions - thus, removing all hassles associated with managing multichannel communications.

Customer Lifecycle

Traditional CRM models only services the last interaction with the customer, whereas customer experience software traces the entire customer lifecycle to provide a seamless, consistent and real-time experience for your reps.

Reactive Response

Rather than adopting a reactive approach, this CX-enabled Customer Experience Platform  proactively responds to customer queries by incorporating AI, Big Data and IoT to analyze and predict pain points in the customer journey before they ever cause any trouble.

Non-employment of data

In an ideal situation, we would all want agents to be ready with answers to customer queries. Our Contact Center Technology utilizes data from marketing & sales, search history and tons of other valuable sources of customer information to provide a data-driven, problem-solving approach to common business problems.

CX Revolution : the Ideal scenario

Deliver Consistent Customer Experience Across Multiple Channels

Agent sees what
the customer seesstep 1
Contact Center Solutions

Agent knows the path the customer has takenStep 2
Contact Center Solutions

Agent solves the problem and delights the customerStep 3
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