Ameyo Omnichannel Helpdesk Ticketing System

Omnichannel Helpdesk Ticketing System

Omnichannel Customer Support Software to Convert your connections into customers, increase your presence on the channels your customers are using.

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Reply to an email, add a note, attach a file or forward the email sent by the customer to other agents in the queue. A ticket is automatically generated, and the agent can access this ticket by logging into the Omnichannel Helpdesk Ticketing System. They do not have to toggle off between tabs, they can manage the tickets at Unified Desktop. He does not have to manually type the answers to frequently asked questions, canned responses can be used to increase agent’s productivity in real time.



Manage the inbound and outbound calls with Automatic Call Distributor(ACD) and Dialer. In inbound, when a customer connects with the contact center, he/she is connected to IVR and the call is routed to the best available agent in a queue. However, in an outbound, dialer automatically calls the customer and route this call to an outbound queue agent. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows customer information containing conversational history to be displayed to the agent prior to the call connection through screen-pops, hence agent is well prepared before the call.


Personalize your chat with customers throughout their journey. Reach out to your customers across different channels like Web Chat, In-App Chat or Chat Messenger as the customers want it. Initiate a chat, attend requests efficiently and handle multiple interactions simultaneously. Switch to different channels and stay connected to your customers on each platform. Access complete contextual data of customers which is stored in the ticketing system.



Be where your customer is and manage inquiries, requests, feedback, and complaints through social media. Increase your connectivity with your customers through Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messaging, WhatsApp, Live, Viber or WeChat. Let your customers reach you through any channel and generate a ticket automatically, assign these ticket to rule based mapped agents automatically with help desk software.

Customer 360°

Access customer’s information on Unified Agent Desktop (UAD) and map the customer journey. Agents have all the relevant information of the previous conversation; therefore, he can resolve the issue quickly. Omnichannel Helpdesk Ticketing System enables the agents to prioritize the tickets based on available data to avoid SLA breach. Give better customer support and personalize their experience.



Mobile SDK

Embed Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) in your business mobile application to provide the desired capabilities. Businesses can enhance their competence by enabling Mobile SDK functionality in their ‘Contact Us’ section wherein, they can provide options for Call, Chat and Email to the customers. Make the customer’s journey seamless because they wish to connect via their chosen mediums by Omnichannel customer support  software.  

Auto Ticket Creation

Ameyo Fusion CX lets you create a ticket every time a customer reaches your business through any channel. These tickets could be accessed by the agent in the ticketing system and they can manage the conversations effectively. Agents could be notified whenever a ticket is raised, and the human error is reduced because agents do not have to manually create any ticket.



Jordan Ahli Bank

Learn how Ameyo helped a leading financial service provider improve their customer satisfaction score by 30%.

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Empowering customers to help themselves without the need for agent's intervention.


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Measure important metrics to strategize and improve operational efficiency.

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