WhatsApp Enabled Customer Service Solution

Onboard, Engage, and Notify Customers using Ameyo’s WhatsApp Customer Support Solution


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Make WhatsApp your Customer Engagement Platform

Modernize your Customer Service with WhatsApp Business API to reach 2 billion people globally. WhatsApp, the most preferred channel by the millennials has made it easier for businesses to connect with their customers without delay. The open rate for WhatsApp is around 70% which gives businesses a chance to deliver exceptional customer service while increasing the CSAT score.

Two-Way Communication

Route each chat interaction to the best-suited agent and deliver a superior customer experience using WhatsApp for customer service. Engage with customers on their preferred platform proactively to send order updates, flight ticket details, booking confirmations after receiving an opt-in from the customers.


Plug and Play Platform

Ameyo’s WhatsApp for Customer Service is the right tool for you. You can easily go live with your WhatsApp messaging platform without involving your tech team. It’s an easy to deploy channel that is integrated with your existing customer service platform.

Rich Media Support

Send media messages that the customers are waiting for. WhatsApp for Customer Support Solution allows you to send an Invoice PDF, account statements, shipping details, videos, live location, etc., to enrich the customer experience. Do away with conventional business emails of monthly account statements, you can send the statement on WhatsApp along with other text messages.


WhatsApp Based Ticketing

Automatically create support tickets on WhatsApp whenever a customer reaches your platform. These tickets are auto-routed to the agents along with the customer details like interaction history and open tickets. Agents can easily access these tickets in their unified agent interface without having to toggle between multiple tabs.

The Bot of your Choice

Solve 80% of your first-level customer queries without involving your agents. Bring your own bot (BYOB) or integrate with Ameyo’s Bot and follow up with your customers with intent-based conversational AI. Scale self-service on WhatsApp with minimum costs involved.


Analyze WhatsApp Engagement

Track outbound notifications and chat trends to identify the reason for failure with extensive channel-specific reports. Supervisors can draw a pattern through these reports and measure the effectiveness of each message template. 

Supervisors can keep a check on interactions that are answered in 24-48 hours. They can strategize their resource allocation to avoid SLA breaches and maximize their agents’ productivity.

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrate WhatsApp customer service channel with a third-party or in-house CRM to never miss on any information. Provide personalized experience to each customer while ensuring that all the data is automatically mapped in the CRM and it’s easy to monitor all whatsapp interactions.


Be Where Your Customers Are

Why Customers Love Ameyo

Make WhatsApp your Business Platform with Ameyo

location Support

Location Support


Smart Chat Routing


Channel Specific Monitoring


Tracking Live Chat Interactions


End-to-End Encryption


60+ Language Support


After Office Hours Notification


Automate Customer Service Notifications

Transform Customer Experience with a Unified Messaging Platform



No, for a Prospect we will provide either Standalone WhatsApp API or Whatsapp as a channel on Fusion CX. If using Ameyo voice, the above statement still holds true.

The customer has to procure multimedia chat licenses on Ameyo Fusion CX and WhatsApp can be seamlessly added as a new channel in the existing Fusion CX Product. The customer has to update to Ameyo 4.5 GA Release and above.

There is no limit to the number of parameters allowed in Message Templates.

There is no maximum limit. You may create as many Message Templates as you need.

Yes, Message Templates support all WhatsApp messaging characters and formatting including emojis, bold, italics, etc. For emojis, you will need to use the emoji character (copy/paste) rather than its Unicode equivalent.

Reasons a Message Template might be rejected include: Contains potentially abusive content such as abusive language or spam-like content Contains promotional content Does not match the select tag type Formatted incorrectly.

Absolutely! Reach out to your WhatsApp Partner and make this request.

Notification messages – for Non-promotional notifications – text and links

Freeform messages for Customer service – text, documents, images