Sentiment Analysis

Listen to Voice of Customers
with Sentiment Analysis

Empower your agents to determine customers’ emotions for delivering personalized service and prioritizing critical issues to reduce customer irate.

Emotional Intelligence

Analyzing customer interactions via passive communication channels like email and chat transcripts highlights customer’s current emotional state. Based on text conversations Ameyo FusionCX helps to understand the mood of the customer by identifying those instances when a customer felt irate or dissatisfied. With this information, agents know how to respond from the word go and prioritize or redirect the ticket of an angry customer to a more seasoned agent.


Heat Map

Understand criticality of support tickets through one icon. Heat map analyzes various factors like the status of the ticket, SLA of the ticket, the priority of the ticket, number of unanswered messages and customer’s emotional state to help the agents identify the next best ticket to be addressed. It helps in faster ticket resolution by assisting agents to prioritize tickets and focus on crucial tickets first. Heat index signifies ticket criticality in a specific color code to visually highlight urgent tickets.

Customer Positivity Index

Understand the overall perception of a customer regarding the customer support desk through an overall positivity index. To understand how the customer was serviced till date, Ameyo analyzes the text expressions of the customer and the SLAs of previous tickets to assign an index value. It helps agents to interact better with customers, for example, agents can ask for detailed feedback from the customer with low positivity index to identify the service loopholes.


Social Shout Index

Keeping a track of what your customers are saying about your brand on the social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter helps to avoid escalations. Social shout index can identify and help to avoid negative experience promptly. Today’s customers are very active on social media and can convert their negative experience into public opinion. Ameyo assists your support team to actively track your customers’ comments on Facebook and Twitter and offer support in real-time.




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Improve Your Help Desk Agent Productivity with Ameyo


Unified Agent Desktop

Give your agents, a single view of all interaction channels, customer data, and previous interactions.


Knowledge Base

Provide your agents with up-to-date product information to answer customer support queries.


Rule Engine

Set business rules to take automated ticket actions based on time lapsed or event occurrence.

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