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Best Customer Support Ticketing System

Streamline your customer support with an automated ticketing software that converts the customer queries coming from multiple channels into tickets.

What is a Ticketing System?

Ticketing system or customer support ticket system automates the management of customer interactions from different channels. A help desk ticketing system not just brings in conversations from multiple channels – email, social, phone, webchat, sms but also maintains the context of the conversation in a unified manner which makes customer support seamless and effective.

Why do you need a ticketing system?

Importance of a Ticketing Systems for the business can be encompassed in the following pointers


Managed Omnichannel Interactions

Help desk ticketing system empowers you to offer omnichannel customer support by managing conversation from multiple channels such as email, voice, social media, in-app chat, or webchat.


Improved Efficiency

A ticketing system makes it all easy. Whether its creating a new ticket or merging them per the context, a help desk ticketing software solution lets you do all this and more. Automate mundane routine activities to save time for other urgent matters.


Self-Service Enablement

Customer Support ticket system incorporates a knowledge management system to allow your customers find solutions to their light, routine queries theirselves. A knowledge base contains all the relevant documents, manuals and FAQs to assist your customers for self-service capabilities.

Performance Monitoring

Get access to comprehensive reports to measure the performance of agents as well as of overall operations. An online ticketing software with live monitoring helps to track the process functioning and enable the decision makers to take real-time yet informed decisions.


Integration Capability

An efficient cloud ticketing system integrates with various CRMs– in-house as well as third party to ensure easy access to information for the agents. Also, with all the relevant customer information, the agents can perform contextual conversations and resolve issues faster.

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Ameyo Ticketing System Features

Ticketing System Solution to Track, Prioritize, and Solve your customer interactions with ease.

Linked Ticket Creation

Ameyo supports parent-child ticket hierarchy that allows businesses to manage tickets containing multi-departmental issues. With linked tickets, one ticket becomes the master/parent ticket while the other linked tickets become the child tickets.


Lite Ticket Creation

A Lite Ticket is created when the ticket is resolved in the first contact and no additional actions are required to close it. This saves the agent’s additional time in closing the ticket and updating it status.

Automation Rules for Ticket Assignment

Create workflows by setting business rules to automate support ticket assignment. Ameyo customer support ticketing system software allows you to filter and assign the tickets to the right agent based on the routing rules configured by the business.

Automate Operations

Context Conversations

Ameyo support ticket management software allows you to associate interactions about an issue from any channel with a ticket. For instance, a customer emails you regarding late delivery. Then, the same customer calls your support agent about the same issue. You get to map both these interactions to the same customer (account) with an help desk ticketing software.

SLA Management

Ameyo Fusion CX standardizes your customer support process by setting the service level agreements. Notify your agents when an SLA is about to be breached and alert the manager in case of an escalation. With online  ticketing software, view the SLA status and set the criteria for each SLA to streamline the ticket management operations.

Ticket Prioritization

Helpdesk ticketing systems to choose which support tickets should the agents first work on. Automate ticket prioritization based on the heat map created on the basis of certain parameters like time to SLA breach, a number of not replied messages, sentiment analysis, change in ticket status or rule engine setting.



CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate with third-party CRMs to get real-time information. Ameyo helpdesk ticketing system integrates with all the major CRMs along with other systems such as email marketing tools or lead management software, enabling the agents to be well-informed while dealing with customers and eliminating the need for them to repeat themselves.


” In more than 6 years of our association with Ameyo, it has helped in significantly improving our customer success and engagement rates.”