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Ticketing System for Customer Service

Reimagine customer service with a support ticket system to manage all your customer interactions


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Ticketing System

What is a Ticketing System?

Support ticket system or ticketing system automates the management of customer interactions from all the channels. The ticketing software helps the customer service executives to store and work upon the tickets in an efficient manner.

Ameyo offers a Helpdesk ticketing system as an all-in-one solution for ticket management. No matter from which channel the customer reaches out the company - voice call, email, chat, social media (Facebook, Twitter), with Ameyo Fusion CX, the agents get a holistic view of all the customer queries. This means, the service executives are empowered to solve the customer requests in the most efficient and consistent manner, much to the delight of the customer.




The Changing Times

Traditionally, the companies encouraged the customers to contact them by filling some web forms or reach out over a voice call. As much fun as it might have been for the service executives to get access to all that customer information, it was inconvenient for the customer, to repeatedly fill out the “mandatory fields”. The scenario is changing today. The customers have a lot more channels at their disposal today. Be it email, voice, Twitter or Facebook, the customer has the option of vocalizing their complaint on various platforms.

While that is convenient for the customers, it creates its own problems for the agent. For example, if the customers tweets about the complaint as well as sends out an email for the same issue, there is a very good chance that two different executives will be dealing with these two interactions. That’s not it. The agents will also lack the understanding of the context of these interactions. This leads to silos and disjointed conversations which no one enjoys - neither the customer nor the service executives.

A ticketing system let’s the customer to contact the organization through the channel of their preference by having an omnichannel solution in place. Moreover, a ticketing software is empowering for the customer service executives as it allows them to have a unified view of the customers and ensure contextual conversations; keeping record of all the data and interaction history for reporting and analytics to make improvements in customer service levels.

Why Support Ticket System?Ticketing System

With a support ticket system, streamlining of customer support tickets becomes easier and organized. All the interactions for a single customer are clubbed into one single ticket which the service agents can view easily. This means that if a customer connects again, by using agent desktop tools, the service executive will get all the relevant information about the said customer such as the last time they called, any latest deliveries that they might have had, the waiting time, etc.The agents will be well informed even before talking to the customer and thus, will be more effective in solving the query in record time with maximum customer satisfactions.
A ticketing software is capable of collecting all the customer interaction data that can be used to enhance the operations. With real time dashboards for reporting and analytics, it is possible to track all the issues. By getting a holistic picture about the functioning of the call center, it becomes easier to identify any frequently occurring issues and rectify them before things go out of hand. Once the gaps have been identified, the service agents can take the necessary steps to fix the problem and in the best case, offer self-service options using a helpdesk management system to further reduce customer efforts and wait time.

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How Ameyo Helps

Ameyo Fusion CX is an omnichannel contact center solution with ticketing system and helpdesk management that lets you automate the customer interactions process. With the ticketing software, manage all your customer support tickets whether they arrive via phone call, email, chat, twitter or any other channel of preference. The online ticket system stores all the ticket information for the agents to create workflows to ascertain the tickets are routed, assigned and even escalated seamless, without losing out on any interaction.

Knowledge base and other searchable repository that are available in the ticketing system can be used as learning experiences by the support executives. You get to track every interaction at all the touch-points across the customer journey. Even if it pans across various channels or customer support agents.

Being one of the best support ticket system in the contact center arena powered by helpdesk software, you get to offer personalized and consistent customer support which not just meets customer expectations but surpasses them.


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Something Powerful

Tell The Reader More

The headline and subheader tells us what you're offering, and the form header closes the deal. Over here you can explain why your offer is so great it's worth filling out a form for.


  • Bullets are great
  • For spelling out benefits and
  • Turning visitors into leads.
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