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15 Difficult Customers tackled by Call Center Agents [Infographic]


Call center agents and customer service representatives deal with a lot of customers in a day. A stressful job to say the very least. But to make matters worse, a lot of customers that call in are not exactly rays of sunshine. A few have a certain charm of getting under people’s nerve and the agent has got to deal with them.  

They monopolize all your time and energy and exhaust you to the saturation point. They might give you those absurd feelings of crawling and hiding under your workstation or they might create so much of a nuisance in your life that you might feel they are clomping on your head. They will challenge your knowledge and experience in every step you take. In spite of all the theatrics, you cannot afford to give yourself a second thought of letting them go.

Ciplex has drafted an interesting infographic where they showed 15 types of difficult customers and ways to handle them. What are your thoughts on this?



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