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5 Benefits of Using Call Disposition Codes in Contact Centers


Contact centers always take care to equip their employees with adequate software and related tools in order to help them excel at their job. However, when it is time to look for a new software solution for contact centers, many do not consider call disposition codes as part of the list of high-priority software features. This can turn out to be an expensive oversight and can easily impact the productivity, efficiency, and customer service quality of the contact center.

Call disposition codes, also known as activity codes, are labels applied to call records in a contact center to categorize or describe a call. These codes enable the contact center agents to indicate certain information about the disposed calls, such as:

  • The type of call
  • The reason for the call
  • The outcome of the call
  • Action required by the contact center’s

Contact center agents require just a moment to apply call disposition codes to call records. Thereafter, the entire team can have access to significant details about the calls. As soon as an agent finishes attending a call, the disposition window pops out.

The agent simply has to select the appropriate disposition code from a list or drop-down menu and apply it to the call record. Call disposition codes are a swift way to keep track of the customer contact history and the progress of each contact. This swift process of data accumulation also helps contact center managers to make well-informed decisions. 

Call Center Software to save the agent’s time and effort by automating the operations. 

Mentioned below are the 5 major benefits of using call disposition codes in your contact center.

  1. Effortlessly Cascading Information to the Entire Team

In a contact center, informing all relevant parties about the outcome of calls can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Normally, agents shoot an email to their colleagues, carry out a chat with the tech support team, or call a manager to inform how a call turned out. With call disposition codes, such cumbersome practices can be avoided and information can be cascaded at a fast pace. All an agent needs to do is select the proper disposition code with the click of a mouse and the call is labelled for anyone who requires the information in real-time.

  1. Efficiently Streamlining the Follow-up Process

When an agent finishes a call that requires follow up from a fellow agent or a manager, the disposition code of ‘follow-up required’ can help to mark the status of the call. The agent can even add a short note if he or she needs to capture more details about the call record. The next agent to interact with the contact will see the code and the note and instantly know that a follow up with the customer is required. Thus, the disposition codes enable agents to streamline follow-up information and alert teammates in an easy, effective, and quick manner. 

  1. Assigning Custom Labels for Instant Customer Overview

Agents can create customized call disposition codes to mirror the customer data that is most relevant to the whole team. Such codes can help agents to identify the customer issues at a glance. Gaining a comprehensive overview of the customer by just taking a look at the contact history can save time and enable the agent to deal with the customer in an appropriate manner. This, in turn, can help to improve the quality of customer service provided by the contact center.

  1. Easily Keeping the Management Informed

Contact center managers do not enjoy the luxury of time to dig through a customer’s contact history and look for the outcome of an important call. With call disposition codes, this problem can be effectively addressed. Managers can just glance at the disposition codes applied to the contact’s call records and easily understand the outcome of the call in the matter of a few seconds. Call disposition codes can also help managers to keep track of the call records of their biggest partners or most important customers.

  1. Optimizing Call Lists to Remain DNC Compliant

Ensuring that a contact center remains DNC (Do Not Call) compliant can be a challenging and time-consuming task. The use of call disposition codes can make this process a lot easier and faster. Call disposition codes enable agents to label each code as – disconnected, inactive number, busy signal, fax machine, requested no contact, incorrect number, etc. Agents can remove such numbers from the campaign lists and with the contact center software and save themselves the time and effort required to send campaign ads and updates to these numbers. Thus, optimizing the call lists by using disposition codes helps contact centers to remain DNC complaint easily. 



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