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5 Reasons You Should Aim for First Call Resolution


A large number of organizations have heard about First Call Resolution (FCR), but only a handful of them truly understands the gravity of the term. It seems to be a peripheral concern for all organizations, regardless of its size, scale of operations, target market, etc. as they look for measures to improve call center efficiency and handle issues on the double.
First Call Resolution has garnered a lot of attention through customer support and contact center specialists, promoting the metric as a key driver of customer satisfaction, but the actual usage of the metric is surprisingly low. Here are a few direct benefits from religiously improving FCR rates:

  1. Reduce Operational Costs: FCR dramatically reduces costs ,because of the direct impact on repeat calls. This reduction will improve the operational efficiency and take the pressure off call centers caused by call spikes. A 15% increase in FCR results in a 57% reduction in repeat calls.
  2. Improved Customer Satisfaction: An increase in First Call Resolution correspondingly translates to an improvement in customer satisfaction. Customers gives you the opportunity and permission to display the quality of service they expect. Resolving their concerns in the first call is a home run for your organization.
  3. Agent satisfaction and rewards: Most of the call centers use call duration as a parameter to evaluate the performance of agents, which will only lead them to quickly get rid of customers. By emphasizing on resolving customer issues in the first call, will help organizations to determine the best performers and reward that behaviour.
  4. Increase Customer revenues: When resolving customer issues in the first call, the customer will be open to upsell or cross sell activities. But if the issue is not resolved, frustrated customers will be least interested to do further business.
  5. Gain Customer loyalty: Resolving customers issues and concerns in the first call goes a long way. Customers feel they are being acknowledged and valued by the organization, eliminating the thought of switching companies. This improves customer retention and repeat businesses.

First Call Resolution metric is a single key performance indicator that has an effect on almost every meaningful metric and statistic of a call center. Organizations should understand the importance of this metric and aim to improve processes to incorporate this metric.
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