6 Benefits of Call Tracking Software for Small Businesses


Successful marketing campaigns are critical for growing the business of small companies and increasing their customer base as well. However, small businesses can’t afford to waste their precious money and resources on marketing campaigns that don’t produce results. They need to measure their campaigns to gain knowledge on what is working and what is not. They receive a great deal of leads via phone calls whenever they run a campaign. But how will they know which marketing campaign is doing best for them?

Well, with call tracking software, businesses can easily gather this information by analyzing various marketing campaigns and hence can get maximum return on their investment.

If you believe that generating leads through phone calls is old school as nowadays companies drive most of the sales through their website and other online tools, then you are highly mistaken. Research continues to prove that while users might begin on a landing page, they still end with dialing numbers. Even though we are a virtual world, people still prefer the power of human contact.

According to Digital Marketing Depot, when a user hits your landing page, it’s converted to a sale only 2-10% of the time. In contrast, someone picking up the phone and calling can produce sales as high as 80%.

Call Tracking allows you to assign a unique phone number (vanity number) to each of your marketing campaigns whether offline or online. These numbers are forwarded to the main business phone number of your company and then your employees can answer the inbound calls as they were made directly to that line. You can easily track and compare the traffic generated by each line so as to analyze which campaign is proving to be most effective and which are not producing satisfactory results. You can also gain actionable insights and required data to make all your marketing strategies and campaigns productive, thereby increasing revenues.In addition, call tracking system can also be used to measure and evaluate the performance of your team.

Below are 6 benefits of call tracking:

Expand Business by Focussing on Untapped Geographies

Successful small businesses always look forward to expand their company. But you need to be aware of new and untapped markets to grow your business. With call tracking feature, you can analyze the potential in untapped areas and focus your marketing efforts to enter those territories.  Call tracking enables you to know the geographical data about the people who are calling your company. By tracking this data, you will easily come to know the specific areas from where you are receiving a large pool of calls and aim your future marketing campaigns there.

Spend Money on Marketing Campaigns that Work

Call tracking allows small businesses to identify successful marketing campaigns and keep them from wasting their precious time and money. It helps companies to aim their marketing efforts in the right direction, generating a greater ROI for them.

You can compare the results of different advertising channels (newspapers, outdoor, email, social media and so on) by tracking the unique phone numbers of each one of them and find out which is turning out to be more profitable for you.

If you rely only on online campaigns, then call tracking can help you determine exactly which landing pages are actually yielding calls and learn how to better design and implement your internet marketing efforts.

Improve your ROI

Small businesses are always hunting for ways to reduce their costs. Keeping the costs low will surely aid them in earning a profit. However, it is a challenge to run businesses with minimum expenses incurred as it is often believed that low costs leads to low quality returns. But this is not true with vanity numbers. They can be used locally and shared easily making it a very affordable solution that generates quality outcomes.

Ideally, it is good for a company to be available 24*7 on phone. But small businesses can’t justify the cost of such service. With call tacking facility, you can easily track missed calls and never miss any opportunity for your company. It aids in gathering valuable data about how many calls you are missing and where those calls are coming from.

Optimize on Peak Call Hours

With call tracking feature, you can record exactly when most of the calls are made to your company. You can gather this data to figure out which days and which hours are most critical for you. This will help you to efficiently utilize your staff and manage their working hours optimally.

Improve Services with Call Recording

Call tracking enable you to record all the inbound calls. By listening to recorded calls, you can extract valuable information to discover what your customers prefer most and what type of issues they are experiencing. This information will let you make necessary modifications in your products and services, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Manage your Staff Appropriately

With its ability to record the calls, you can identify whether your employees are doing a good job in dealing with customers and increasing sales conversions. You can also pinpoint the areas which need improvement. Call tracking can turn out to be an effective training tool for your team to make them excel with customer service via phone.