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Why Call Tracking is Gaining Spotlight in Contact Centers



We have heard a lot about call centers focusing on key performance metrics as a part of their daily operational activities. However, effective performance measurement is not just essential to the success of an organization but also shows the authenticity of a well designed strategy.

There are many ways to measure the KPI of call centers. Call tracking is one such process which helps call center managers and supervisors to measure the call handling process of agents.

Call tracking provides managers with actionable data which is helpful in deriving information on the customer base and for improving call campaigns. By listening to live calls, supervisors can determine how effective their customer service team is and what strategies can be implemented to boost customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Organizations that have initially ignored the importance of call tracking are usually surprised by the enormous amount of insight they have been missing when they begin tracking call metrics. Also, customer service departments with the help of call tracking can analyze better ways to convert their customers into brand advocates. Supervisors can also coach the agents by helping or assisting them on live calls and can accordingly identify the weak areas that require attention towards improved conversions. Thus, tracking live calls can be helpful for businesses to exceed expectations of customers in ways innumerable.

How Call Tracking in Contact Center can help to Improve Conversions?

Achieving huge return on investment can be a challenge for contact centers. With the help of call tracking software, the captured data can be used for optimizing the calling campaigns and support strategies. Call tracking software allows flexible routing, scheduling, and call delivery to increase the number of inbound flow and at the same time maintain the quality of the call.

Moreover, with the help of call tracking, agents can use real time metrics to oversee the call log information, history of the caller, and the caller information to gain actionable insights about the caller. Further, the agents can prepare themselves in advance for productive conversations with the help of previously recorded calls, analytics and notes. Other enhanced features can be used exactly to track the original source, physical address, and social media pages of the caller to further customize conversations.

Top Features of an Efficient Call Tracking Software

Call Recording: Both inbound and outbound calls automatically get recorded through the call tracking technology. The captured text and speech interaction can be further used to modify the approach of the customer service departments for maximizing satisfaction levels. For the ongoing calls containing sensitive information, supervisors can disable or pause the call recording in the middle of the session, thus providing privacy to personal information.

Call Rating:This feature lets organizations to gain information from the incoming calls. As the organization invests huge amounts in marketing activities, they desire to profile the incoming calls based on their value. Agents can now easily rate the calls by using their keypad according to the metrics decided. This will help to qualify the calls as leads or opportunities, making it easy to depict conversions.

Call Whisper: With the help of call whisper feature, supervisors can coach agents during live conversations. The coaching audio is inaudible to customers. Also, the whisper announcement capability of the software to announce content, contains information about the caller that helps prepare the agent to better handle calls. The whisper announcement plays a brief, pre recorded message to the agents just before they connect with the caller. The information can include caller language preference, and choices the caller made from the menu.

Missed Call Alerts: Every call is important for a business, but the value of missed calls is beyond comparison as one cannot guess the potential behind the missed opportunity. Thus, it is of utmost importance to be able get notifications in case of any missed calls.With an efficient call tracking software, agents can quickly call back once notified about the missed call through email or pop up. The missed call alert is very useful when a team member is out of office or in a meeting, and thus can see that the call rolled in and give a call back to the customers.

Benefits of using Call Tracking

Better Conversions: With the help of recorded information through call tracking software, organizations can determine the actual return on investment for various calling campaigns. Determining the ROI is imperative for any business to plan their sustenance. An efficient call tracking software helps organizations to map the source of the caller towards designing a strategic decision process.

Effective Management of Peak Call Hours: Organizations can predict their peak call hours with call tracking system. With the captured data, businesses can combine the information and can find out the days and hours in which they receive most number of calls. With this step, agents will be prepared in advance to address huge number of calls and customer concerns during peak hours.

Enhanced Call Forwarding Results: Customers face a lot of frustration when they are transferred from one agent or department to another. To avoid such scenarios, organizations can use call tracking software which can easily assess the customer’s intelligence and allow the calls to be forwarded to the right agent or department immediately. The solution can also help to boost the sales process, where a prospect is able to speak to the right agent and can quickly get the desired solution, to foster the sales conversion.

Gain Useful Insights from Call Recordings: Recording the incoming calls can boost agents’ performance and allow organizations to understand the common problems faced by the customers. Inferences from these recordings can help an organization identify their weak areas and at the same time help them to find new and appropriate plans to satisfy their callers.



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