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4 Crucial Benefits of Call Tracking


Call tracking software helps the agents in monitoring and analysing the customer’s calls. Call tracking is an easy way to assess the customer’s intelligence and it even helps in tracking the company’s ROI. At the same time it helps in measuring the key performance level of your agents. The few benefits of  call tracking software have been listed below:

1) Improves call routing and call recording:
Your call center can anytime lose potential customer because of misrouted calls. Call tracking helps in effective routes of inbound callers to the right staff members. With call tracking you can control where the calls are being routed based on the customer’s needs.

Inbound calls can be even recorded with call tracking. With call recording, your call centers can gain dual perks; you can assess the performance level of your agents as in, how good they are at resolving customer issues or fetching business for the company.  And secondly what common problems your customers are facing and what product they are likely to prefer.
This kind of intelligence can allow you to make the appropriate shifts in your plans much faster.

2) Helps you assess agent’s KPI:

Call tracker helps in assessing the KPI of the agents; the number of inbound and outbound calls per number, the length per call, date time and location of the callers and the amount of business they managed to retrieve for the company. This information will help you to improve the schedule adherence in your call center and will remove the chances of customer’s call going unattended. This will even help you track the number of calls attended and missed by the agents.

3) Determine your Return on investment:
Call tracking actually helps you to gain information for determining what your return on investment is for your different products. Determining the ROI is an imperative metric for any business. An efficient call tracking device or a software can help your company know the sources of the calls and help you make powerful assessment, as in how far the client will be contributing in the company’s profit.

4) Improves marketing assessment & marketing strategies:
The detailed call history and recorded calls of your customers would help you to understand more about your potential customers, their purchasing power, and their loyalty towards your brand. It can even help you recall the issues they had previously and what measures your agents took to resolve them. Now that you are aware of the common needs and problems of your customers, you can use the information for improving your company’s strategies. Kill ineffective strategies; put more attention and energy to those which are working well for your company. Knowing what would work for your company can help you generate more ROI.

Call tracking is about monitoring your agents keeping pace with your clients. The data it gathers is important instrument that can help you measure how your business is doing in terms of marketing, sales, and customer service. Call tracking helps you progress your company’s status and give your business the place that it deserves. 


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