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How Call Monitoring and Scoring Helps Contact Center Agents


Call monitoring and scoring in contact center plays a crucial role in providing  valuable insight on customer’s needs for making more informed business decisions. Contact center managers are increasingly using monitoring and scoring in order to enhance the performance of agents for improved levels of customer service, thus increasing the overall efficiency and profitability of the contact center.

They are considered among the best methods to ensure that your call center workforce is effective and providing excellent service.

Here are few ways in which call monitoring and call scoring can help contact center agents:

  1. Identifying agents strength and weakness: Call recordings and Scoring can prove to be useful when assessing call center agents performance. With this dual approach contact center managers have the power to access qualitative data from customer interactions as well as quantitative performance measures from scoring. The call center manager can listen to the interaction of the agent with the customer on the live call and can analyze the pain points of the agents or where is he/she lacking while conversing with the customer.  For example: call scoring, for calls where the agent struggles while interacting with customer who has registered a complaint, would be less. But this should not be the only parameter to analyze an agent’s performance. Instead the call center manager should also consider the previous call recordings which will provide him insights of where the agent is going wrong.

  2. Interactive training sessions: After identifying the strengths and weaknesses of agents performance during the call, contact center managers can use this information for providing valuable feedback to the agents. Providing the agent with the details from the call recording which shows where they failed to meet the expectations of the customers as well as the data extracted from call scoring forms will help to make the feedback more detailed and extensive. This will enhance agents motivation to improve their skills and will also create more accountability for agents performance leading to interactive coaching sessions. Allow your agents to work from home while you train them online and increase their efficiency.


Goals alignment: After providing feedback fortified with details from call monitoring and scoring, contact center managers can  collaborate with the agents to develop an action plan. The action plan may consist of more detailed coaching session for agents, going through e-learning modules and training materials. Agents can also sit with their peer mentors to see the way in which they handle customer calls and can take useful insights from them. Overhere contact center managers can ensure that the agents have a clear understanding of the areas in which they need to improve.

Maintaining performance report of the agents: Contact center managers, must use both call monitoring and call scoring to track the progress of the agent. They can refer to the action plan and can accordingly target and listen to live or recorded calls. During this process, they have the ability to assess the changes and adjustments made by the agents according to the action plan . If the interaction is not up to mark, then it becomes the responsibility of contact center managers to address the problem and to provide a quick feedback to the agents. This will help the agents in adjusting their process accordingly.

Formulating redressal plan for agents:  Contact center managers can formulate a redressal plan for agents if even after the feedback and coaching session they are not making changes in the customer call. Providing the agents with a concrete data from call recordings and scoring to support the decision will help the agent in understanding why the redressal plan was formulated for them and in which way it can be beneficial for them.

Creating an environment of learning: To create a competitive environment call scoring and monitoring agent’s performance becomes an important aspect in a contact center. When agents believe that their calls are being monitored and they will be given a detailed assessment, they will understand that it is an exercise to boost their productivity and would not be weighed as a mode to defame or criticize them.


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