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7 More Contact Center Software Features to Improve Customer Support


Earlier, we had talked about some of the essential basic Contact Center Software Features that you need to improve customer support.

This week, we will focus on some other key features that you need to monitor and improve agent productivity, enhance customer experience, and employ data driven decisions to take your contact center to the next level.

Let us discuss 7 more contact center features in detail before you go ahead and choose the features you like best:-

  1. Call Barging/Whispering

Rather than attending to a pile of escalated calls, Call Barging helps you to speak to both the caller and/or the contact center rep, when you want to jump in on a live call. This feature can and should be combined with other features like Call Monitoring to take the customer experience to a whole new level. On the other hand, if you just want to say something to the rep without the customer’s knowledge, during a live call – you can deploy Call Whispering. This is particularly helpful if you think that the rep has missed you on providing any crucial bit of information to the customer. Both these features are also exceedingly useful while providing hands-on training to new reps.

  1. Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer is an automated telephone system that automatically calls a pre-uploaded list of contacts. Once a contact picks up the calls, it is routed to an available rep. Of course, not all calls might not be connected. Therefore, this feature uses statistical algorithms to slow down or speed up the call rates based on connected calls, average call time, average wrap-up time, available agents, available lines and other such statistical data. Thereby, helping minimize agent waiting time and call drops drastically. Predictive Dialer is ideal for contact centers that have multiple agents to take calls. This will avoid call drop outs, which adds to the abandonment rate.

  1. Power Dialer

Contrary to Predictive Dialer, a Power Dailer automatically makes an outbound call immediately after a contact center rep becomes available. This feature is ideal for single-agent scenarios or in remote-agent environments, since it does not require multiple agents to transfer calls to. If the customer is not available to receive the call, Power Dailer drops a message and moves on to dial the next contact. Effectively, this feature improves agent productivity to a great extent as it can dial over 200% more prospects per hour. Also, it must be mentioned that with the use of Predictive and Power Dialer, manual dialing of numbers is reduced by a huge level.

  1. Business Tools Integration

We talked about a built-in CRM to provide reps with a host of information about the customer. However, Business Tools Integration with your contact center software will take your contact center to the next level of customer interaction. Effectively, this feature allows the integration of various other CRM tools like Salesforce and provides reps with an all round view of the customer available at multiple sources apart from your in-house information. As a result, you will be in a much better position to understand the customer behaviour, likes/dislikes, and other aspects. This will help to pitch customized offers and products to your preferred customers along with preparing your reps to prepare better before speaking to them.

  1. Real-Time Metrics

Once you set a contact center for your business, you surely need to optimize agent productivity. Real-Time Metrics will give you access to data such as average wait time, average call handling time, number of available reps, and others. This will give a boost to your impromptu decision making process in order to improve efficiency of the contact center and improve customer experience. Without Real-Time metrics, there would be very little means to keep record of productivity, overall work improvement and keep a check on others KPIs.

  1. Omnichannel Integration

In a world dictated by social media, apps, and increased use of smartphones, you can most certainly expect your customers to interact with your brand with the help of multiple mediums. This means that you should be able to track all these interactions to provide seamless, uniform customer experience in all the mediums. Omnichannel Integration allows your reps to gain access of customer interaction to serve them better and adopt a proactive approach towards problem solving rather than a reactive approach.

  1. Historical Reporting

We all are well that decisions based on instincts fare bad compared to decisions based on data and analytics. This is the premise which should propel you to opt for Historical Reporting once you have set up your contact center. With this contact center software feature, you will be able to accurately evaluate the performance of each rep, department, campaign, team and your entire company. Now, who wouldn’t love that? These indispensible pieces of information will allow your brand to reach greater heights that was previously only a fragment of your imagination.

We hope we have been able to hand you a good understanding about the diverse call center software features. If you need more clarity or need contact center software, give us a call at Ameyo Emerge and we’ll be more than glad to come to your aid.


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